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Please help me here. I'm aware of the differences (megapixel, storage, etc.), but, I'm still having a hard time deciding between the two. I know SD300 is much smaller than W1, but, from your experience, is it easy to carry W1 in pant pockets? I wanna be able to carry the camera around without much of a hassle, preferrably in my pant pockets when going to parties and such. I'm aware of the SD300's purple fringing problem. But, from your experience, which one should I go for? Please help.
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First, let me say that you've picked two of the best ultra-compacts, so you really can't go wrong with ether.I usually end up supportingthe W1 in your kind of questions but I'll try to compare them both equallyfrom what I know.

Both camera's have a great movie mode. The W1 is a little faster and more responsive. The W1 takes AA's while the SD300 takes a lithium battery; which best suits your lifestyle? AA's that you can pick up on the go, or one major battery than you can only charge at home? The W1 has a bigger LCD screen, 2" vs. 2.5" (both are very good on an ultra-compact). The SD300 can probably take more punishment because of it's all metal casing, but the W1 looks pretty durable as well. If you plan on taking it on hikes or other activities that are very hard on the camera, I would probably recommend the SD300.

Overall, the SD300 sounds like it would suit your needs a hair better than the W1, but it's really a toss-up. I would recommend going to your local camera store and messing around with both, get a feel for them, take some sample pics.

Best of luck with your search!~Jack
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