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I use to own a Canon Sd10.. but it was way too small and the flash was terrible. The camera also fell out of my messenger bag on a recent trip so someone else is now dealing with my/their "new" camera. .. sigh

I decided I want something bigger...and with a little more flexibility. I do like the fact that the 4100 uses only TWO "AA's where the Canon only uses FOUR.

I would like to get some add on lenses at some point also.

Any sugessions on which on I shoudl buy: the A85 vs the Cookpik 4100?

thanks guys!:|

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It would be much easier for us to help you if you gave us more information. Do you like movies? Is size and issue? Could we recommend other cameras? Do you plan on cropping? What is you're maximum print size going to be? Anything you can tell us is helpful.

I really couldn't tell you much about add on lenses for either. You may want to check around this site or others for that information.

As it stands, for P&S and travel, I would recommend the 4100. For slightly more in-depth use (but larger size) I would go with the A85.

Best of luck with your choice!~Jack
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I don't know anything about the Nikon, but gave my wife the A85.

It is a good cam. Takes really nice pics and has a lot of options. Of course you can shoot on Auto all of the time too. You can also purchase add on lenses for this cam if you wish.

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