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I've been looking at this website and forum for a while but have now been driven to post because my old 330RS has developed 2 dead pixels on is CCD and its getting annoying having to clone them out in almost every photo I take (one's in the bottom right and the other is slightly off-centre).

I've been looking at various reviews for a while now and have a reasonable idea of what's out there in my price range but its really actual users experiences that I think would be most useful for me now.

I would like more control than my 330RS had and generally better handling and responsiveness (the 330RS while, for such a small camera,wasbuilt like a tank also had the general speed of one). So a fast shutter would be really good.

My price range is in the region of £350 to £500 (its quite broad because I want to ensure I get what I want - if I'm going to be paying a lotI might as well make sure its something I am happy with).

I've been looking at the: A2/200, G6, Pentax 760z, Panasonic FZ20, Olympus 5060, 8080, 7070.

I've also vaguely considered the E-300 and *ist DS despite being currently out of my price range (my price range is the funds I have availible now, it could grow in the future)

I need something with good manual control that I can grow into and learn about over the next few years (so I want something that will last) - but I would like decent auto for when I can't be bothered to use manual or when I don't have the time. I would also like good low-light performance as I seem to be constantly taking low light shots for some reason! - not sure why!I also do like to do the odd bit of macro work. As far as zooms are concerned I've always liked the idea of a long zoom just for the slightly added flexibility but looking back at the photos I've taken with my Pentax only rarely to I think it would have made the picture that much better if I could have got that much closer.

Thanks in advance!
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