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Hello everyone!

I have been researching and reading so much...but none of it is falling into place. I am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.

Right now, I know I want at least 5mp and 5xoptical zoom. I would like to "grow into my camera" since I used to be a point and click type of user and now I am learning more about the ins and outs of photography.

Most of my pictures will be of friends and scenery (I am travelling to India and Grand Canyon). Not too many far away shots that I can think of, but more zoom is always good, right?

I know that I dont' want slow click to click speeds - that drives me crazy about my old sony cyber shot that I have now.

I have ruled out a few (the DiMageA2 since others seem to fare better in reviews) and the Fuji S7000 (too sluggish when I tried a friends).

My main objectives would be : better quality photos and quicker shutter speed. I keep seeing the Rebel pop up, but I feel that is overkill and I don't need something that fancy (yet)

If anyone has advice, please pass it along. I feel I keep reading and reading and I don't have the hands on knowledge to make a good decision.

Thanks so much!


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There aren't a lot of 5mp/5x's out there, but take a look at the reviews for the Pentax Optio SV. For a bit more zoom, take a look at the Canon Pro1, Kodak 7590, and Panasonic FZ20. The FZ20 has a fast 12x zoom with image stabilisation.

If you can do with1x less zoom, then definitely consider the Canon G6 and Olympus 5060 Wide Zoom, both of which are some of the best all-round cameras out there. The G6 has more mp's than your stated requirement, but that might come in handy when cropping your pics of the Taj.

Another 4x zoom is the 5mp Nikon 5400, which right now is an excellent buy because of the $200 rebate, which puts the camera about $229. The nice thing about this camera is the fact that the lens starts at a wide setting, which is veryhandy in travel photography. The metal body is also a nice feature.

I believe that all of these can be found in the reviews. The reviews will also state lag times as well.

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I had a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ2...it was only 2 megapixels with a superb lens . I was amazed at the quality of that little camera. It had a 12x optical zoom and steady shot. If you are viewing your pics on the computer and having your prints enlarged to about 8x6 inches there was nothing better and very cost effective in the bargain. They don't make that camera now....why?...because everyone was demanding more and more pixels. Basically having more and more pixels is a selling gimmick, that is for the far farmajority of people who is buying that camera.

The replacement for the FZ2 is now I believe is the FZ20 although I think there is another model which is closer to the model I had. They have now more pixels but it is the same outstanding lens and steady shot....so theoretically the quality should be better....but I wouldn't bank on it.
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I recommend a low-zoom prosumer like Canon G6 or Sony V3. These have low zoom but it seems that you don't need much zoom (scenary and family shots don't need high zoom)...
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Two cameras that fit your requirements and can be carried in your pocket are the Pentax 750X and Olympus C7000. They are 7Mp with 5X zoom. And the CCD they use is excellent for noise versus pixel density. There is a lot to be said for something you can easily carry.

The G6 is a better all-round camera but bulkier and has only 4X zoom. The V3 is also very good. If they had kept the form factor of the V1 for the V3 I would likely own one by now, but they made it larger – apparently for handling.

Many reviews go into image factors that don't apply for most use. Look at Steve's sample images for the A2. I find them to be quite adequate. It has a big manual zoom ring, buffers raw shots, has wide angle and lots of other nice stuff including stabilization. I will never buy another camera that won't fit in my pocket without stabilization now that I have used it.

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I want to thank everyone for the advice. I was so set on 5x zoom or higher that I didn't realize I probably don't need it!

I have decided to go with the Canon G6. I saw quite a few recomendations for it and it really seems like a camera I can take pictures with as a general user but also learn as I go.

I really did like a few of the other options. If for some reason the G6 doesn't work out for me, I will try them.

Due to time constraints, I am not buying online but we have a B&H photo store here in NY so that so far has the best prices (comparable with buydig.com)

Thank you again for all these responses. They really did help a lot!

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