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I'm in the market for a better digital camera. I'm currently using a Epson 3100Z. This camera has been great, but now since I'mbetter at taking pictures, and other people are asking me to take photos at events (family reunions, weddings, car shows, Bar-B-Q etc). I wanting to upgrade to produce better quality photos. I don't print photos! I put them on CD to be displayed on TV so "LOW NOISE", "PICTURE QUALITY" is the biggest qualities I'm looking for in a camera. After testing about 15 different camera pics, the 20D, and D70 pics, to me look the best.
I'm leaning twards the 20D.

Key Features I need.

4. GOOD LONG ZOOM Features

Let me know your thoughts on these two cameras or maybe I should look at another. My Budget is no greater than $1,800.00


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IMHO TV itself produce very ...hm-m-m-m.... ordinary quality and using something like 20D ot D70 for such purpose only sounds to me really ...hm-m-m... unusual :?
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Yeah, the TV thing is kind of odd to me as well. But whatever floats your boat. Both have great picture quality, but I think the 20D will give you less noise at higher ISO. You don't mention at all what types of photography you're interested in so I can't say whether high ISO will be necessary.

4. GOOD LONG ZOOM Features
This one is a bit odd. These are SLR cameras - the camera itself has no zoom. The zoom is all about the lense you use. Both Canon and Nikon make good zoom lenses, so you would, again, have to be more specific about what you plan to shoot. You also have to be more specific about what you mean by 'long'. Keep in mind that both these cameras have a 'magnification factor' (canon=1.6; nikon=1.5) due to their sensor size. That means that if you take a 28-70mm lense and put it on the canon body it will act like a 45-112mm lense. This is great news for people who like telephoto lenses but bad news for people who like ultra wide angle lenses. But, back to the point of 'LONG ZOOM' - depending on what you want to shoot and how long you need, $1800 may not be enough ofa budget.

Also, have you tried any of the noise reducing software available (noiseware, neat image, noise ninja)?

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For output to TV, even HDTV, either camera would be more than adequate. The 20D has amazing high-ISO capabilities, certainly better than the D70, but at the resolution you'll be outputting to you may find it hard to tell the difference.

Of course as your photography continues to improve you should expect people to start asking for prints, so you might want to consider that a good quality photo printer is probably somewhere in your future too and consider it in your budget.

In addition to the body you should also consider your lens selection; one advantage of the D70 is that the camera body is significantly cheaper and that allows you to spend more money on the lenses. Make sure your lens selection plus body is within your price range.

If you decide that you would like to spend more on lenses now but still think the Canon lens system is more attractive than the Nikon you should perhaps consider the DRebel too.

Most reviewers agree that there is little to choose between the picture quality of the DRebel and the D70, but the D70 is a nicer camera; it's more solid, starts faster, feels better, etc.

The chief disadvantage of the D70 at the moment is that there is no easy next step up. DRebel users can keep their lenses and upgrade to a 20D, but D70 users are a bit stuck unless they're willing to spend the big bucks. By the time it becomes relevant to you however most expect Nikon to have come up with a good semi-pro camera to rival the 20D.

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