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hopefully i'll be buying a new camera soon and i'm undecided here...

the FZ20 seems to meet most of my requirements. i wanted a superzoom camera and the IS is an awesome feature. 5MP is good enough for me as well. however i keep hearing "noise" whenever i hear "FZ20" and im not too happy about that.

the other camera i really like is the Fuji S7000. i LOVE how it looks, love the fact its got 30FPS video with sound. 12MP interpolated/6mp native res is also a plus. however the 6x zoom is whats keeping me from getting this one.

is the noise problem so bad as to dump the FZ20 for the S7000? is it worth giving up the 12x zoom for the S7000's 6x and then getting a 2x teleconverter? what do you guys think?

why cant we have the FZ20 in the S7000's body
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Check out the photos and see if you are ok with the noise. Sites like dpreview.com and dcresource.com carry out noise tests so check them out.

Ultra-zooms generally have smaller sensors than low-zooms (for a given price bracket/type) so they tend to have more noise. If you are really worried about noise (especially if you plan to take a lot of low light pics) then I would give up the zoom and go with one that has less noise (eg. I would pick a low-zoom prosumer like Canon G6 or Sony V3 over the FZ20). But if you shoot in bright light (eg. daytime) or don't care too much, then FZ20 is better because of its zoom...
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I have a FZ20 and it is a great camera.

Leica lens is (are) perfect.
Fast and long as you won't find a similar one in the same price range, without going onto DSLR.

FZ20 is not just a point and shoot as many compact cams around.

You'll need some practice to make it work at its best.

It is not faultless: some problems with high dynamic ranges scenes may occur in P mode, some color shifts in non-Manual WB, some noise in underxposed areas (skies).
Nothing which cannot be fixed with some PP or Noise Reduction software (or some blur brushing in the red or blue channel).
Perhaps with that CCD size the best mega pixels no. should be 4, as in FZ10 and 15.
But I repeat, noise can be a problem only on 100% size images: when viewed at screen resolution it will be hardly invasive unless one uses to shot with aggressive in cam settings (I recommend all settings on LOW if one wants to PP the image).

The Burst modes are enormously fast.
For those who want a good movie mode this cam is under the average (S1is has double movie resolution than FZ).

See my first two photo galleries here for FZ20 pics including EXIF data.



Francesco R.

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hey francesco. i've seen your pictures in the Panasonic board. good job

to answer questions the reason i want the superzoom camera is to do more nature/wild life pictures cause with my 3x canon animals get spooked too easily

so i think i'll stick to the FZ line wheni go buying(20/15 depending on money available)

francesco whats the quality of the pics at maximum telephoto?:?

EDIT: italiano is coolwish i could read it so i can read Dante's Inferno in Italian instead of English:sad:
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I had a s-7000 for about a week and took it back. I loves batterys. They don't last long at all. Thats with the 2000 ma rechargeables. Manual focus don't work real well either. My old sony 4.1 Mp camera took lots better pictures. Sony color and clarity was a lot better than the 7000. I bought a Nikon 8800 instead. I realize its lots more money but It takes better pictures in my opinion.
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