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If a camera has 3x optical and if I were to add a 2x Telephoto lens, does the final zoom become 6x or something else?
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No. But yes you will get a doubling of the magnification which people confuse for zoom.

Zoom is the focul length range. eg. a 50mm-100mm lens= 2x Zoom (100/50), and a 50mm-150mm= 3 times zoom etc (150/50).

Add a2x telecoonverter to the above2 example lenses and you would have a 100-200mm (still2x zoom (200/100))and a 100-300 (still 3x zoom (300/100)). The zoom does not change.

However the magnifiaction does change.A 50mmlens is a considered a standard lens (1x magnification). A 50-100mm lens has a maximummagnification of 2 (100mm / 50mm (the standard)). Add a 2x teleconvertor and your maximum focul length of 100mm becomes a 200mm which now has a magnifation of 4 (200 /50).

Make any sense? Magnifacation and zoom are two differnent concepts but related. When people talk of zoom they are often thinking magnifaction. A 1000mm prime lens (which is 1 metre long and will magnify by 20x) has a 1x zoom. A 10-50mm zoom lenshas a 5x zoom but a maximum magnifation of only 1x.

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