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I'm still looking for some good advice on a camera for clinical dermatology use.

A good macro zoom is important, as are images with quality skin tones.

I desire Image Stabilzation to reduce the blurriness that is often caused by handshake, particulaly since so many different users will handle this camera. Ease of use is also a must.

I've researched the Panasonic FX7, though it seems too pricey, also considering the Sony DSC-W1 and Canon SD300, but neither have IS.

I really feel a camera with IS will greatly improve the quality of our pictures. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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The FX7 and FZ3 are about as cheap as it gets with stabilization. You can get a FZ1 a tad cheaper but the controls are a bit more limited and it has only 2Mp.

You might want to look at the Nikon 3700. The macro is excellent and the flash throttles down well. This is Imaging Resource's macro report:
" Closeups: Superb macro performance, with good flash results as well. Like most Nikon digicams, the Coolpix 3700 performed exceptionally well in the macro category. It captured a minimum area of only 1.67 x 1.25 inches (42 x 32 millimeters). Resolution is high, with great detail in the dollar bill. However, the coins and brooch are soft due to the very short shooting distance, which results in very low depth of field. (Not the camera's fault, this is a fact of life with macro shooting.) There's quite a bit of softness on the left side of the frame, a common digicam failing in super-macro shooting. The camera's flash throttled down surprisingly well for the macro area (despite the close range), although the brooch created a bright reflection."

The reason I mention it is that Nikon has a $100 rebate going on the camera, so you end up under $140 delivered buying it online. You don't need stabilization if the flash works for macro.

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I have Panasonic FZ-10. It has IS and macro performance is excellent. BUT! Also I have Pentax *istDS (without IS of course) and my experience is it would be far better option with ISO (say) 800 for macro (providing proper lens) than Pana FZ-10 with ISO (say) 100 with IS. Mind you that small-sensor camera produce quite c***y pix with ISO more that 100. Also my experience tells me that in macro mode IS got very litle usability - it is mainly for long tele. Besides that if you need *REALLY* good photos you can not walk away without special flush or lamp (I am talking about those round flashes witch mounted directly on lens) and as far as I am consern this option anly available for DSLR. In short - my sugestion would be stop full yourself and get DSLR - your requirement quite proffesional - Nikon D70 with appropriate lens and lens mounted flush/lamp wuold be quite appropriate. It little bit more in price than P&S, but I think it will pay for itself by fuss-free quality photos. And do not be scared about complexity of use - once set-up it is not more complicated for operation than any P&S

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I don't understand what is wrong with the Canon SD 200. It has digital macro that is perfect for close dermatology shots. bear in mind that you have to use ambient lighting for them, but usually exam rooms have it.
I use a Canon 410 with a small printer in the clinic, and I am very happy with it. The pictures are perfectly publishable; what is more, I even published photos taken with my old old 1 megapixel Olympus 610.
Now, the best camera I have ever had for the clinic was a Sony 717. The only drawback is it's size, which made it bothersome to carry, vs. the canon which fits in the pocket. The line of 505 to the new 800's of Sony get fantastic close up shots.
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