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Hi I recently purchased a 8800, 2 problems I'm having, which are disapointing butmay be its my fault.Hopefully someone can guide me as to what I'm doing wrong or how to correct it. If I'm in macro, maybe 4 inches from subject, the camera focuses great(using a tripod). Image stableazaton is off. I push the button 1/2 way down, so far so good, still in focus. Then I go the rest of the way to take the picture the focus jumps a little and the subject isn't quite in focus any more. Even if I use the self timer mode it still jumps out of focus. I've tryed other modes other than automatic but no difference. I have plenty of light. I'm thinking it is also doing it on subjects further away also but it isn't quite as noticeable. I can take a picture of a tree say 30 feet away (no zoom), then view the picture and zoom it the bark, its blury. I realize at some point it would get blury. But my sony 4.1 mp taking the same tree I cantake a picture and viewing the picture after wards i can zoom in more and its still sharp and stillin focus.

The second problem is the pictures seem to be washed out, not life like colors. I've tryed going into the setup and changing contrast but didn't seem to help. Tryed exposure compensation and it does change a little but not for the good. It just doesn't appear as the brightness and contrast is right.

Other than this I like the camera, I'm still learning howto use it and make it work.

Any ideas?

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can't help re: focus. Re: color, try adjusting saturation and hue. Or WB - are you using auto, tungsten, or custom?

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Using a tripod in "macro" mode you should be using the manual focus. In that mode what you see is what you should get...
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I don't think this is going to help you but try sharpening your pics. The Canon cameras (I know yours isn't one) produce soft pics and sharpening helps. Yours is sort of different (you are saying it is washed out, as opposed to softness) but still might be worth trying...

Try editing the pic in an image editor and see what needs fixing...
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