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I have an Exilim S3,ownedit for almost 2 years. It's done me well in that I have never (almost) missed a shot, I carry it everywhere.

My requirement for my new camis as follows:
  • Same size as Exilim[/*]
  • Higher pixel count[/*]
  • Better focused shots - the Exilim having a fixed lense I am amazed by cameras that have focus :-)
Obviously I'd like better quality shots.

The bad things I guess I would say about my Exilim are the following (I am being really critical here):
  • Horrible flash shots, lacking colour[/*]
  • General lacking colour in shots[/*]
  • Dark shots without flash are really grainy[/*]
  • Out of focus shots - obviously expect with a fixed focus lense
I knowa lot is said about the T3 and similar cameras and how 'bad' they are compared to biggers cameras. The fact is I want a camera this shape as the Exilim proved to me this is what gets me taking shots.

I would appreciate any comments on the T3 and especially alternatives, but remember I want a small point-and-shoot, if the T3 is as good as my Exilim with the only extra thing being the focus then I would be happy, so anything more will only make it a better buy.

Look forward to anyones thoughts


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Although not as thin, cameras like Canon SD300 or Panasonic FX7 are better...
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All I can do is WARN YOU that the SD series from Canon produces far lower quality images than their other cameras- although they are slim and fast to startup, it's at the price of a poor focusing mechanism AND noisy images. I made the mistake of getting the SD300- a huge error except for family snapshots. I strongly advise that you avoid the SD series and instead look at Casio or Sony for small cameras. Otherwise the S series (S70 etc) though slow and a little bulkier, give much better images.
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