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I am new to this, and trying to decide on first digital cam. Debating between a 4 mp versus 5 mp camera. I will basically be printing 4x6 and 5x7 pics, as well as the occassional 8x10 for exceptional photos or special occasions.

Everything I read indicates that a 4 mp camera will meet these requirements. The only issue with the 8x10's is the amount of cropping. I do not understand what cropping and mp size have in common. I am not a scrapbook person, but would like to occassionally crop a picture to take out unnecessary photo to focus on subject.

Can someone explain/help me out here?



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You will undoubtedly get a stimulating variety of technical responses much better than mine, but Ihad to throw in a reply. I ...well, not just me, pretty much anyone who buys a digital camera will think about the MP value, as it relates to cropping.Suppose for sake of argument, you had a great pic of somone or some thing, but the subject was too small. By cropping (moving the borders to surround just the subject) you are able to remove the unwanted parts of the photo. Part two of the exercise results when you physically maintain the oringinal dimensions of the picture. Guess what that does? Essentially spreads the pixels out so it's a less dense collection of colors. Fewer pixels per inch. Now...if you had a gazillion pixels to start with, the picture would still look fantastic. If you only had say, one mega pixels to start with...the quality would drop significantly, because you just threw away a significant number of your original number of pixels when you cropped, and now, the end result would appear less sharp, less saturated. So, altho the difference between 4 and 5 MP isn't really that great and may be unoticeable in a 5X7, but the larger you go, the more you spread those pixels, the greater the need more massive amounts of those little beggars. Although (and no doubt someone will go deeper than this) there isn't much more pixel real estate between 4 and 5 MP's every bit counts in my opinion, if you have to crop. Best regards,

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