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I only need 1280x960 pixels of resolution (but 640x480, or with an optical zoom lens going to at least 72 or 108mm in 35mm terms, 320x240). I would like to be able to get decent color results indoors. For example, my S1 IS in a few rooms meters for 1/15" at ISO 400 and F/2.8 - I'd like to be able to get 1/60" with the same light level at full telephoto (or high resolution) with decent results, about as noisy as ISO 100 on a consumer cam or 400 or 800 on a dSLR.
Is there anyhting out there for < $80 that would work? I might be able to slow the shutter speed to 1/40" or 1/30", but any slower than that and I would probably either want some kind of optical IS on the watch (which would probably not be worth it at this price point) or IS on the subject (which would defeat the purpose - I don't want them to know I'm shooting the shot).
What can I get that's small, doesn't look like a camera, and gets decent semi-fast-shutter-speed results in typical indoor light? As I said before, I don't need a whole lot of resolution - I'd just like to at least have a figure of merit equivalent to or greater than 1280x960 pixels at a 36mm focal length (1280x960x36x36=1,592,524,800).
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Those are some interesting requirements. . .and sadly, I don't think that camera exists .
If you don't mind me asking. . .why are you wanting to take semi low rez, "secret" shots of people in low light?:lol:
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