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I moving to Russia (Siberia) in 2 weeks for a couple of years and want to get a digital camera before I leave.

A professional photographer recommended the Canon A95 back at Christmas for me. Right now, I use a Canon Rebel from 1991 & a Minolta point & shoot. It seems to get generally good reviews, is in my price range, and has a lot of the same functions as my Rebel. I toyed with the idea of an ultra-zoom, but all the negative feedback I've been reading has turned me off.

1. Should I take the plunge and get the A95?
2. How well does it stand up in cold weather?
3. What accessories should I get (telephoto lens, filters, cards, etc.)?
4. Will it last me several years or will I feel disappointed after one or two (I'm still happy with my Dell 866 mhz, PIII laptop, for instance).

Thanks, so much! I'm really impressed with all of your helpful answers!
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I think it should meet your needs, even tho I do not know them... I have it and I like it, I never owned equipement such as what u have, but I like to learn to use the manual controls

Here is a little gallery of pictures I took with it: http://nicolas7894.fotopic.net/c341553.html

As for cold weather, well, u just need to watch out with drastic changes of temperature and accept that NiMH batteries will die much faster in cold temps... Maybe if you keep it outside for a while and its really cold, you will have problems using the LCD, but I heard that it goes back to normal when u go inside.
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Thanks! That was the assurance I needed.

I'm buying it. Do you have any accessory recommendations other than batteries and a 512 MB card (high speed?)?

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Prices are realy coming down, you can get the canon G-6 for about $525. This camera is far far better and gives you full control very much like a digital slr, you just can't change lens, but you can add on to the lens with adapter. Great camera It will carry you far down the road, has 7.1 MP Also has a fold out and twist lcd and a remote too. And a hot shoe for add on flash
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