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I will be travelling(bakcpacking) through Canada for a year starting in April. I want to bring a digitial camera along on the journey. I was hoping to get some advice about what to get on this forum. I would want a compact camera, cause there is only so much I can bring along.

I have been to a few shops and the people there all suggest different camera's to buy, so I'm a bit lost. One thing they all (rightfully so, I think) mentioned was that I ought to look for a camera with a sturdy casing and preferably a sliding cover. Because of the extensive use and the different conditions I'll be using it in, that seems best.

I would mostly print pictures in 4x6 size (10x15cm), but I might also want to print out some pictures at larger size, so I want to keep that as an option. I want the camera to last me a few years. That rules out 3MP camera's I think.

I don't really need a good movie mode on it.

I would prefer the auto levels to be working great. However, it would be a plus if there would also be a decent amount of manual levels to play with.

I guess that digital compact cams will never be perfect for indoor pictures, but perhaps anyone here could give me advice on that as well.

One store adviced me to buy the Olympus C-60. I did like the look and feel of it. Does anyone here have it and if so what are your comments on it? It's being pushed off the market over here (the Netherlands) so the price is quite decent I think (360 Euro). Any ideas of the quality of this camera? I've read some very positive comments about it online as well as some less positive comments (dcresource).

Another store adviced the Sony W1/W12. It's also being dumped right now, leading to prices of about 299 Euro (W1) and 349 Euro (W12). Anyone have any comments on that?

Of course, the Canons are also considered top notch, but I wouldn't really know which one to go for for my situation. Perhaps anyone here can enlighten me on that?

I hope you have any advice for me. Perhaps you know of a camera I should look into. I would like to decide upon this soon.

Thanks in advance for your help. If you want me to give you some more information then please ask.

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A few things to think about:

- Make sure it's small enough that you can keep it with you all times. It might get stolen if you leave it in a hostel or something like that.

- Bring along a usb cable so you can walk up to any computer, download your photos and email them home. Then you can clear your memory card and keep shooting.

- You probably want something as wide angle as possible, starting at 24 or 28mm if you can get it. Good for panorama shots as well as candid people shots.

- Think about recharging. Maybe AA rechargeables are your best bet because you can use normal AA batteries in a pinch.

- Check out the Canon G5 or G6. Maybe this camera is too big for you to lug around, but they have all the features, take great shots and have great lenses. Or maybe go for one of those new pocketable 5 or 6 meg cameras, something like the Fuji E550.

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The Konica Minolta Z line would be nice. Z2, Z3, Z10, Z20, Z5
They make great backpacking cameras, because they are small, very very light, and because they have great zoom.
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Thank you for your tips Terry. I think you are right regarding the camera needing to be compact. There's only so much weight and volume I can carry along with me.

I have been thinking about the battery issue. One fortunate thing is that Canada is pretty civilized so it won't be too hard to get access to the electricity net However, should I be going camping or such, it will become a thing to worry about. If I don't go for a camera with AA batteries, I should consider buying a second battery. So yeah, thanks for pointing that out, I will keep it in mind.

I will look into the Canons you mentioned. And also the Minolta camera's that KM mentioned. Thanks for that!

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