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:?it's the canon eos 300d rebel better then olympus e300 evolt for a begginer in the photography hobby.it's a hard task for me to decide wich camera it will be more helpfull for my.give me an advise,please. thank's:?
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Are you a beginner to photography in general, or a beginner to DIGITAL photography? Have you learned to use a SLR in the past? If you're truly a complete newbie, don't even consider a digital SLR - they're complex beasts, and it takes skill and knowledge to get even poor results from them. Check out this recent thread - the guy didn't realize that his expensive new dSLR's output would require so much tweaking:


Start with a good high end point-n-shoot like a Casio Exilim EX-P600, OlympusC-7000, Canon A95,S70or S1 IS, Panasonic FZ3, FZ20 or FX7 (or many others); if you choose wisely, it'll give you great pictures, with the option for some manual control in the future. If you MUST spend the dough, get a prosumer like the Oly C-8080 or C-7070,Konica-Minolta A200, Nikon 8800,Canon G6, or something like that; get a TTL flash to go with it so that low light isn't an issue. RTFM, of course - these prosumers wouldn't be my first choice for a newbie because they can be unnecessarily complex, but they CAN be used as point-n-shoots at least initially.

These cameras willgive yougreat results straight out-of-camera (UNLIKE a dSLR), and you'll be much happier. You'll be able to concentrate on learning to take good pics, without having to do battle with the technology.... In a couple of years, when you finally "hit the wall" with your consumer/prosumer and can't get the effect you're after, THEN get the dSLR.

I've been taking photos for 30+ years, I've had extensive experience with film SLR's, mostly manual, I used to develop and print my own stuff; I've been using digital cameras for 6 years - I consider myself a mid-level photo hobbyist, with a lot of basic knowledge about photography. However, I still don't own a dSLR, and I probably won't for at least a couple more years - I just don't need it. I'm still learning a lot about my Oly C-5060, and I'm getting great results - without the hassle of having to "process" all my images. My Nikon FG-20 is collecting dust.... After all, it's all about the images, isn't it?

Good luck, whatever you decide! ECM

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