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Here's the situation, hopefully someone can help me with a little advice:

We just kicked off a blog at the beginning of this year that's going great for us. The concept is to review places and things of interest to young adults. Anything from adrenalin laden adventures, to new gadgtry, to must see places/events.

We're basically "chronicling" a group of us doing what we like to do, writing about it, and taking pictures.

We're currently using a tiny Optio Pentax for our photos (yes, laugh if you like). And, if you stop by the site, we're not doing a very good job at it either (www.badassreviews.com).

As much as I know that a lack of good photography skills & training is likely the single largeest source of bad shots, I can't shake the feeling that subcompact digital camera, like the one we currently have, isn't making anything easier.

Furthermore, there is a level of expectation that we need to meet with the people that invite us to do our reviews of their products/services/etc. And again, I'm not so sure that our little Optio is quite helping us with our credibility, either.

We're going to be shooting indoors with some frequency, particularly low-lighting areas (local area bars/clubs fit our "editorial" direction), but we'll be doing outdoor shots too.

What would be a good entry level digital camera (SLR or otherwise), that would enable my guys and I get up to speed with it relatively quickly? Preferably one that if "dropped" by accident, would not be a shock to my personal health. I don't know if that means Used is the way to go, or New with insurance.

Thanks in advance!
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Yikes! Well, from the resounding silence here... I take it it's a lame question and I need to do more homework on my own.

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Well, judging from reviews by Steve & all, maybe it's not your camera - it gets pretty good reviews.
Although I note that the "Steve's Conclusion" on the Optio S50 & 40 do mention some sort of blurriness.
I use a Konica-Minolta Xi. Also a tiny camera. I have 12 x18 inch prints of both landscapes & nearby stuff that'll knock your eyes out.
The Xi is discontinued: you might want to get an X50 - more megapixils and a better lens cover. Or an X31, which is similar to the Xi but I think has no optical (peep-thru) viewfinder, which is nice for quick shots & in bright sun where the LCD screen is harder to see.
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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "inexpensive".. fact is you can spend as much or as little as you like.. A dSLR would certainly fit your needs, a couple entry level ones are the Canon digital rebel (300d I believe) and the Nikon D70.. Keep in mind that neither is a point and shoot that you are use to and will require some getting use to.. Another you may want to consider, if you want a pocket it and go camera is the Olympus Camedia 5060.. read a lot of good things about that one before I bought my Panasonic FZ20 (your low light requirement may put that one out of your scope). Remember with a dSLR, you are carrying around a Full Size camera.

Any 3,4, or 5 Mp camera will probably do what you want, especially with internet posting being a main priority. Things to consider in choosing, power source, typical distance to subject (may want to consider a super zoom like the FZ20), and of course ease of use.. I would suggest you look in some of the brand specific forums and ask your questions there..

Good luck in your hunt and with your site..

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