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I need help finding the right camera for me; I keep reading reviews and wondering into camera stores.

I have been looking for a new Camera for sometime now, it's bugging me not having a decent one I have access to a Sony DSC-P9. I bought the Canon A80 in June and used it for 2 months it was a great camera but I took it back. It bugged me due to my mistakes i made as well seemed the shutter was too slow. That is most likely me as well. I took about 3000 pics while I had it. It was a little to big for me too take every where.
In my mind the ideal camera is really 2 cameras, if I had the money a SD300 and a D70…

I am looking for a Camera that will be easy to use. But something I can also learn with as time goes. I like the large optical zoom Cameras but image quality is number one with me.

I still have batteries and CF Cards left over from my A80 I would like to use and save money. But not a must.
8 rechargeable NiMH batteries
2 Lexar 12x 512 Compact Flash cards

Types of photos I plan on taking:
Scenery/ Nature
Candid friends/ Family
Portraits for websites

Cameras that have caught my eye.

Sd300 (nice and small, but are the images as good? the prosumers)

Fuji's FinePix S5100
Minolta DiMAGE Z2/Z3 or Z5
Kodak EasyShare DX7590

Canon Pro 1
Olympus c8080
Minolta A2/A200
Nikon Cool pix 8800

I have been looking on Ebay and these 8meg cameras have been in my range.
I am looking to spend about $600us ($800cdn)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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If the A80 didn't satisfy you, I don't think many others will... you can try something like Canon G6, which is a mid-end prosumer... or go for an ultra-compact like Panasonic FX7 or Canon SD300 or Sony W1 or whatever...
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I have narrowed it down on my own thus far and this is where i am AT, i added the price as well thats the first factor.

Minolta A2 ($800)
Minolta Z5 ($650) + 1 gig SD Card ($120) = ($770)
Nikon Coolpix 8700 ($800)

Olympus c8080 ($800 on ebay tho)

In my mind the A2 is comeing out on top, it worrys me about the mixed reviews i have read tho... Any thoughts
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Well, I'm new here and this is the first thing that I'm posting....anyways, I saw your plight and thought that I'd come to the rescue.

About three months ago I was in the same predicament as you. I've heard that the Olympus has good image quality,but I didn't really like the feel much. Also, the zoom is kinda limiting. I ended up buying the A2. i had read about the problems in quality control and so I found a gread price on a referbished model and saved alot. Check out abesofmaine.com . They treated me well. For some reason though it was missing the battery ( and that was in a Minolta sealed box ). I called them and they sent it right away. Thankfully I had bought an extra. I think that I payed $550. The reason that I went this way was, the problems were solved.

Anyways..... the important thing that you are looking for is response time. I use the manual zoom and focus alot and it will take a pic with no hesitation.The antishake is great....all cameras should have this feature. The only thing that I find lacking in this camera is a good flash....very low lumens.

I hope that that helps.

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Just a note of caution before you buy your camera online:

Always check feedback on Ebay, and before you buy from an online store, go to resellerratings.com

Abe's of Maine is rather questionable as a store. Though I'm glad it worked out for Mike, I wouldn't trust them. From buyer reviews, they seem pretty much hit-or-miss.
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I was about to buy an A2 from another store, but right before doing it, I thought to do a search on google about that store. Wow! You're right. You really do have to be careful when buying online! All the feedback was that that store was just terrible. In the searches that I did on Abes of Maine, they seemed to be ok. REmember that I did say that I had a bit of trouble, but I was pacient. The proble was resolved really quickly. Many people just don't know how to react when a mistake is made. They think that the whole world is out there to get them so that get mad.
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