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I own a Minolta A200 which I enjoy using very much. I would really like to get into digital photography and learn how to properly use a dSLR. I found a local community center which provides photography courses (both film and digital). Looking at some dSLRs I have narrowed down my choices to the following and provided some PROs and CONs but would like some help from experienced users to add to the PROs and CONs. THANKS!

KM Maxxum 7D
- AS system
- Lots of settings via dials
- Large LCD

- Price

Pentax *istDS
- Smaller / light
- Large LCD
- Price

- SD capacity limit

Olympus E-300
- Digital from ground-up (including lenses)
- Smaller / light
- Lots of SCENE modes

- Few lenses available

Nikon D70
- Fast / Instant Power On
- Loads of lenses (choices)

- Moire

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I think that your A200 is as featureful as a DSlr, and perfect to learn all the different aspects of digital photography.

And when it comes to choosing a DSlr, I would spend money on getting quality lenses and less on the body. So I would buy the *istDS or the D70 before the 7D.
I also would stay away from the E300: it has a noisier smaller sensor and worse yet, the lens selection is very poor (a few Oly lenses, very few Sigma lenses and NO second hand lenses); and despite the smaller 4/3" sensor it is bigger than the *istDS. Also, the availability of many scene modes should be of no interest to you: if you are an enthusiast about to spend $1000 on a camera, you definitely know the basics and won´t use those scene modes at all.
That being said my choice would be the DS over the D70 because:
- smaller size
- larger bright viewfinder
- excellent 16-45mm kit lens equivalent to 24-70mm
(I like WIDE wide angle)
That´s my personal taste. Go to a store and see which handles best. AFAIK the D70 has faster AF, so would be a better choice for action/sports photography.

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