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I want to love the Canon sd300, but Ive read a lot of distubing "memory read error" problems, as well as LCD breaking too easily.

I had always been a loyal Minolta owner, but see only fair reviews on the X-50....

The Sony line I dont care for too much. Memory sticks expensive, and i dont think the quality is better than the Casio.

The Casio EX-Z55 is now top on my list, but I would love to hear any arguments or advice. :?:
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I am now a proud EX-Z55 owner and I am happy with my decision...

Having to chose between many ultra compact cameras, I've came down to SD300 and EX-Z55 at one point.

- battery power is virtually endless
- big screen
- good ergonomics and software
- 1 more Megapixel
- good quality
- very quick
- small LCD resolution (I got used to this easily)
- charging only in own docking station
- no continuuos shooting mode
- some bluring at edges

- good movie mode
- charging mode is easier, just the charger, no cables
- video out
- purple fringing
- AF a bit confused -> many blured photos

There are more, maybe I will edit when I remember some other points...
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yeah, I forgot to mention the exremely good batt comsumption on the casio...a great selling point.

I still put this Casio at top of my list,


Im still interested in the Canon sd300 because of the incredible motion video capability....if it werent for some of the disturbing user reviews

has anyone heard of that memory read error that seems to plague Canon?

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