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I own a nikon coolpix 5700 camera at this time. I have been looking at selling it and buying a Canon digital rebel or a Nikon D70. I want to know if the picture quality is going to be any different between the D DLR compared to the Nikon coolpix 5700

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First of all, I have never owned a DSLR. However, my brother owns a Digital Rebel. Takes very good pictures but he has had problems with recurring error messages. The 5700 takes 5 meg pictures, right? The Rebel and the D70 take 6 meg pics, which you already know. From what I have read, the differences between the advanced prosumer and DSLR are in shutter lag, low light performance, and usually noise, all of which favor the DSLR's if you use good lenses.

I had a Fuji S7000, which took 6 megapixel uninterpolated pictures. Blown up to 100% on a computer screen, my brother's Digital Rebel 6 megapixel pictures were much cleaner, though you couldn't tell that much difference when you printed them out at 8 X 10 or smaller.

If you want to take action shots, I recommend the Nikon D70.

I am wondering: the Nikon 8800 doesn't interest you, huh?

Good luck!
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Under good conditions (eg. bright light such as sunny days), I don't think the average person can tel the difference between a consumer and a DSLR. However--and this is where the DSLR differs--a DSLR will allow you to take better pics in less-than-ideal conditions. In particular, DSLRs are WAY BETTER in low light (eg. night, indoors, sports action, etc).

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