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My son and I ride motocross, and I enjoy taking action photos of him. The problem I have is with blurry pictures. It seems like the cameras I have used can't focus or snap fast enough.

What would be the best camera in the $300-$500 range for action shots?

Thanks, Steve.

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Frankly, in that price range, the best choice would be a film SLR! Good lenses, fast shutter speeds, zero shutter lag.

If you want digital images for home printing/processing then a film scanner will provide that as well.
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I've also looked into getting a film slr sometime (because a dSLR is way too expensive for me), but I have yet been able to find the delete button, the USB port (for uploading images to a computer), or any extensive reviews like sites like dpreview.com and imaging-resource.com have for dSLRs.
What film SLR (that can be super clean with large prints at ISO6400, and has several lenses ranging from 18mm to, say, at least 500mm with apertures opening as wide as F/1.4) priced such that I could get it AND a good quality 3CCD (sensor must be at least 1/4" or large) camcorder with a long optical zoom for the same price that I could sell a Canon S1 IS?
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I haven't owned it, but some people really like the Kyocera Finecam M410R for action pics in good light. It supposedly has super fast focus and amazing burst modes. You can get it for less than $350 online. It takes rechargeable AA batteries. It has a 10X opitical zoom and a top resolution of 4 megapixels.

Steve's review of this camera was relatively favorable.

Give it a look if you haven't already decided.
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I have to agree with Robbo,

Thats because I have the KYocera M410R!

And it is a great little compact all round camera, Take a look at the Kyocera/Yashica thread on this forum you won't find anything wrong down there

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