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i have started to move from film to digital and very lost on what cam i should get. i use to use a disposable film camera and got GREAT shots then i moved up to a kodak advantax with zoom and i loved it. i have used the kodak easyshare and liked them as well but i want to try and learn more about photography and go to school for it so i would need something that could grow as well. i like taking landscape shots as well as action shots as in band photography and covering concerts and such. and something i could just use on a day to day basis rather easy since i only have enough for one camera. i know sounds like i want it all hehe. i have been looking at the canon g6 so far it looks ok but heard that the double flash it makes makes it hard to get real good action shots. price wise i am looking at 600 or under. since i want this cam to last a while and get me threw school i know i cant go to cheap hope someone can help this rambling photographer hehe :| thanks yall
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Take a look at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20.. That was my choice and for the most part, I couldn't be happier.


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i will check that out. thanks never thought i would go digital but after all that has improved over the years guess i should head that way too
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I don't think digicams will last as long as you are implying... anyway...

You should check out the mid-end prosumers... Good low-zoom prosumers are CAnon G6 and Sony V3... the aforementioned Panasonic FZ20 is the best ultra-zoom on the market so if you want zoom, the FZ20 (or the lower-end FZ3) are best...

Having said all that, if you are going to be pursuing a photography career and need one for school, I would imagine that you really have to go for a DSLR (digital SLR). These are expensive (lens alone can cost the price of a typical consumer camera) but they will last a long time and will probably help you out more. You may be able to find a low-end DSLR (possibly an year old one like Canon Digital Rebel (aka 300D)) within your budget. The newly announced Canon 350D has an MSRP of US$899 (body only) and will likely retail for around US$750...so maybe you can find the older 300D with a basic lens for around US$600... you can get a better lens in a few years when you can afford it... hmm... not sure... worth looking into a DSLR if you are serious about photography...
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Ricoh are one of the few digital camera makers that make wide angle zoom cameras for hobbyist consumers such as yourself. As you may know wide angle 24-28mm lenses are vital for cityscapes, landscapes and groupshots otherwise the objects/people are too small with a 50mm lens.

I like taking shots of buildings and have used a traditional SLR with a 28mm fixed lens to great effect but would love the practicality of taking more than 36 images, zooming and instant image viewing.

When I researched the market the Ricoh range seemed ideal and I wasn't able to find any other makes in the AU$300-500 (US$225-375) budget.

Here's my Ricoh Caplio research info:

Note: Mp = mega pixels, Zoom =times optical, Range = mm in 35mm equivalent, AU$ = Australian dollars. AU$ = approx US$.75c

Mp Zoom Range Model AU$ US$

3 3 (28-85) G4 Wide 300 225
3 3.6 (28-100) RX Wide 360* 270
4 5 (28-135) R1 550 400
5 3 (28-85) GX 630 470
5 4.8 (28-135) R1v 640480

* - Lithium-ion battery AU$30 (DB-43) and charger AU$20 (BJ-2) extra.

Ricoh Caplio RX Wide:
.1 sec. lag time
.9 sec. startup time
1cm macro
SD cards
alloy body - 165g empty
Apertures: F:3.1 (W)-5.8 (T)
Viewfinder Real-image optical zoom finder
Video: 320x240 w/sound, unlimited, max. 30 secs per shot
Capture: Jpeg, 2048 x 1536 max.
Power: Lith-ion (optional), nimh

Compared to a SLR these cameras are much lighter and easier to keep at hand for spontaneous image taking than bulky and heavy SLRs (300-500g). SLR lenses are usually 28-90mm and different lenses for long zooms so it gets a bit cumbersome especially if you start using a tripod as well...

I have not committed to a major purchase yet but if I did, a Ricoh would be on my shortlist. I have also looked at the relatively recent release of the "ultra" zoom digital cameras. 8 to 12X zoom appeals to me but none of them have wide angle lenses. Although some have the ability to accept optional wide angle adapters, these cost quite a bit, e.g. camera AU$400, wide angle adapter AU$200 this pushes the price up a bit. The one thing you learn after researching cameras of any kind is compromise. There is no one camera that fits all uses.

I hope this has been of some help and happy snapping.

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