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As so many others, I found the camera I want (note- not the camera that I can actually afford, but the one I am going to buy), I settled on the Canon EOS 20D. Now the quest begins for "where to buy?"

Specifically, two of the "better" places I have found that also have reasonably low prices are BuyDig.com and ButterflyPhoto.com ($1354 and $1347 with the 18-55 lens).

Now, these prices sit about in the middle of the price range for this camera. All the prices below this either state directly or imply that they are selling gray market cameras (with statements on the FAQ pages like, "May include overseas or Store warranty. USA warranty may be be available at extra cost."). All the sellers much above this price-point seem to be straight-forward about having a "Canon USA manufacturers Warranty" or similar statement.

Here's what I have found with one of the above two resellers:

On the web page (http://www2.buydig.com/shop/product....u=CNEOS20D1855) where the camera is listed it states in a special little box, ""ALL ITEMS ARE BRAND NEW, FACTORY FRESH AND INCLUDE FULL MANUFACTURERS USA WARRANTY UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED." On its own that sounds really great for the price. BUT, directly over that statement, under the heading of "Condition" for the camera's description section it says, "Brand new, USA Warranty.'

You don't have to be a lawyer to see that there is a problem with the "Condition" description in that it does not state "Canon" warranty or even "Manufacturer's" warranty.

So I have offered the above for two reasons- First, to try to educate anyone shopping for cameras that not all warranties are created equal, and two, to ask if anyone has dealt with the above named resellers and if they had purchased this camera (or any other with a similar description) if they received the full USA package with manufacturer's warranty or something else.

And, yes, I do have an E-Mail in to one of them, and yes, I will also call, but I will certainly need something in writing from them before making such a large purchase.
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