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I I desire a digital camera that will allow me to assign an initial file name to the first photo, and then will increment that file name by 1 for each subsequent shot.

Example: I assign the first file name as; DC05-001. Then the camera will automatically name the second photo DC05-002, the third photo as DC05-003, etc.

It is desirable that the camera be large, have large intuitive buttons, and be resistantto moisture and dirt.

The camera must have an available AC adaptor.

An available cable release is highly desirable, an available remote is a second-best.

Anything from 2 to infinity megapixels is acceptable.

Simple is better.

Zoom is neccesary.

The camera will mounted on a stand and used by laborers to take photos of boxes of drill core (rocks).

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My Sony allows sequential numbering of files and maintains the sequence even if the media is changed but the camera requires that the image files all begin with DSC0xxxx.JPG (or .TIF,.SRF) with numbers ranging from 0001 to 9999. The sequesnce can also be reset as required.

They can also be assigned different numbered folders101MSDCF to 999MSDCF.

But is sounds as if you want more freedom to name the files for each project.
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What is your desired usage. Most (if not all) cameras have their own incremental system

My canon is on IMG_2473.jpg and if my next use was a movie, it would be mvi_2474). I have the camera set to continue increasing the filename. I could also have it reset the file name after I transfer the files off the camera.

Olympus puts a date (P(month in one digit)(day in two digits)(4 digit numbering); example P405001.jpg. On movies it would be p405002.mov

Fuji uses DSCF(4 digit number): example DSCF0231.jpg

Sony uses DSC(5 digit number): example DSC00032.jpg

You may also want to consider a software solution for this. I use ACDsee which has a batch rename function with the possibility of numbering files as you wish. With that, I could take 20 files and then say name them rockn(xxxx).jpg or whatever I wanted.
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My desired usage is to have the files come out of the camera with the file name I want and to have each sequential photo incremented by 1.

Eaxmple: I tell camera that first file name is RC05-001. Then camera names second photo RC05-002.

Note that my desired usage is that I set the file name, not the camera. So if I want the first photo named Bobbob-001, and the second photo Bobbob-002, the camera I want will let me do that.
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I could be wrong but I think you are going to end up with one of the software solutions to this..

Most of the freebies out there (www.picasa.com for example) will allow you to take a batch of photos give a generic name, and then it will rename the entire batch sequentially beginning with your chosen root name.

I don't know what your exact situation is but perhaps a worker could hold a sign up at the beginning of each series so you have an indication of break points. All of the cameras date and time stamp the files..

Just a thought..

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