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I know now that for good night pictures i should buy a DSLR but let us say that i would find it important that my camera has the following possibilities :

A good zoom

Full manual control

Not too big and heavy

Good video (640 at 30 fps)

Good battery life (if possible AA )

Good quality pics (viewing pics on TV) therefore very good lens

The bestquality night pictures keeping the noise as low as possible

Maybe Anti Shake (helps with low light)

I like to view the pics on TV but i rarelly print larger then 6X4,finding a camera with all these features is almost impossible but i`ll settle for something close.

>>> i know a few camera with these possibilities but which one is best :

Minolta A200 - Minolta Z3 (soon Z5) - A2 - Panasonic FZ3,FZ20 (soon FZ5)

Canon IS - Fuji S5500 - Nikon 8800

If only i could try them out.......here in Belgium this is impossible....i better make the right choice from the start.

If someone has low light or night pictures taken with any of these cameras i would really like to see them.you can send them to [email protected]

Thank you.
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You left out a requirement for quick startup, quick shutter release. quick shot-to-shot capability and stability. Some of the cameras you listed are very slow in these areas. Great pictures are often spur of the moment - in places where you cannot say -"stand still for the picture". I'd look at the test reviews for these first.

I too am looking in this area and am looking hard at the Dimage Z5 vs the Panasonic FZ5. IT is my present belief that one of these two will be the best in this arena. We'll know more once someone actually tests them.

good luck
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I too am sitting on my hands for a review of the KM Z5, which looks like it could be anew contender in the 5 megapixel IS long zoom fast camera sweeps. And though the just-announced Sony H1 doesn't have a hot shoe, uses those expensive Memory Sticks, and won't be available until supposedly June - that one too is image stablized and long zoom and looks pretty decent.

I may not be able to stand waiting much longer because spring is just around the corner in nearby Glacier National Park, and something that can shoot handheld long zoom is just the ticket for the great mountain and foliage pics. In that case I'll end up biting the bullet and pick up a KM A2 or A200 and a teleconvertor, or maybe a Nikon 8800 which isn't as fast at back-to-back shooting but sure makes a nice image right out of the camera.
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The lens on the KM is not as bright as the Panasonic so the Panasonic Lumixes will still be #1... however, the newer onesfrom Sony and KM are better if you want video...
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The reviews of the panasonic FZ-5 are finally out...the one from Steve`s will surely be as impressive as the other ones.

I`ve finally made my decision about which bridge to by...it will be a FZ-5.... i wanted a small camera with a super zoom and good sharp pics. The only things it lacks for me is :

- no AA batteries

- video only in 320 and not 640.

I`ll be sending pics immediately when i purchase it...see you all soon.



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