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Help in my Quest - I'm going crazy

Non-Technical person wanting to upgrade from Sony P5 (gripes are Battery life/hassle, 3x zoom, 3 MP, etc). Wanting no-brainer pro features and specs but with great out-of-the-box performance. NB. I kill batteries

USES: (In order of Importance)
1. Fieldwork/remote travel: Size and Battery convenience/battery life
2. Wide Angle: Narrow, dimly lit warehouse aisles, home interiors

3. 8 mp: highly cropped antique furniture detail
4. Family parties and portraits (75% indoors)
5. General Travel

My Conclusion: So I 've narrowed it to the a200 vs the Olympus 8080 vs the CanonPro1. The Minolta a200 provides alot of what I want. (wide angle for interiors, zoom, AS, compact size, 8MP, an element of P&S ease, etc.) But POOR BATTERY performance and lack of AA option and auto-focus issues aresuper problematic! Also generally concerned that the 8mp crop is too finicky asnd I'm not technical enough to compensate. Which of these, or others, is the most P&S-like out of the box?

Other Options: Z5 or Fuji 5100 : neither are 8MP quality but both address the BATTERY dilemma. I've also obssessed about the 8800 (heavy), 8400 (far less zoom) 8080 (heavier)-all I understand with good battery life-though proprietary.

Help. Is there something else I should be looking at? I'm tempted to forego the 8Mp wish in favor of the battery issue. Some folks say the Fuji 5100 isn't near the camera the Z3/5 is. Is this true? Are either a bad choice. Should I wait to see what this season unveils?

Thanks in advance-have some fun today, Jeff
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I've been considering a similar quandry. If I go to 8 megapixel prosumer versus 5 or thereabouts I lean toward the A200 or the A2 partly due to the accurate color and the image stabilization which definitely makes a difference for handheld shooting (allows longer exposure time for more light, or longer zoom or a combination of the two).

I don't consider those battery times too bad, but always purchase a second battery and a quick charger if the one included with the camera is slower. Also, with the A2, if memory serves, there is a battery grip available. That grip should power one though for a hella long time.

Several reviewers (at least one shows Imatest data to back that up) remark that KM is conservative and pretty accurate with default color saturation compared to much of the market, as well as defaulting to less in-camera sharpening. So with the Neat Image or Noise Ninja plugin in any compatible image editing program you should be able to have very clean final images with whatever desired sharpness and saturation levels, and without skewed hues.
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