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I'm finally giving up my film camera and havebeen reading the boards for weeks (great information!) and have finally narrowed it down to these two cameras. One question I have is, besides normal everyday shots, I would likethis for action shots...nascar racing and also kids in TaeKwonDo. Will either of these camara's be able to catch these shots and not be blurry? What should I be looking for to get this?



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You can take action pics in good lighting conditions (sunny, outdoors, day, etc).

However, during low-light situations (night, indoors, etc), the pics will have a TON of noise. You basically have to shoot at high ISOs and the ultra-zooms will have a ton of noise (if you shoot at lower ISOs with lower noise, the pics will likely be blurry).

So it all comes down to light... if you want action shots in low-light, you will have problems (not just with these cameras but with nearly all consumer and prosumer cameras... you may have a better luck with something like Canon G6 at wide-angle (I.e. no zoom) but that depends)...

So to sum up, I think your NASCAR pics will be ok (as long as it's not night time racing or something)... but your TaeKwonDo may or may not turn out ok depending on the light...
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S1 does better quality video. Other than that, I would hold out for 45 days and get the FZ5....
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Last fall I was debating about the FZ3 and S1 IS. Both have a good continuous-drive mode for shooting multiple frames per second which works well for capturing moving subjects. As long as I've had decent lighting I've been able to capture action with the FZ3.

The things I like about the FZ3 over the S1 IS is that it uses small, light, rechargeable batteries rather than 4 standard AAs. The battery lasts for hundreds of shots and recharges quickly. Many people like to have AA support because it lets you go buy them anywhere but I dont find proprietary batteries to be a problem, I just bought an extra on eBay as a backup and I have yet to run out of juice when I need it.

The BIG difference in my opinion is that the FZ3 can maintain a 2.8 aperture from 1x-12x whereas the S1 IS cannot keep 2.8 all the way up to 10x. This makes it tough to get long zoom shots in medium/low light with the S1 IS.

The S1 IS movie mode is nice but unless you have money to buy huge CF cards it isn't that useful because they are such large files.
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