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Should I get the Nikon D70 .If I do then I need helpI need to know what I should do about lenses for the nikon. I can either buy the lense that comes with the nikon or buy the body and then buy two sigma lenses to go with it. please can you give me some help with this. What would you do. I need to have both a 18-70 and a 70-300 lense. Whould you go with a high quality lenses or are the sigma fine. Could you please give lense you think are good.I see some lense at wolf like this one(Quantaray - 100-300mm F4.5-6.7 zoom lens for Nikon) for around 130.

I just need a avarge tele lense for some good shot.

Thanks in advance for your help .


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I would get the best glass you can afford. dont cheat yourself with a cheap zoom. I am not to familiar with nikon lens, if money is a problem(usually is) you can go with sigma EX being their pro brand.
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IMHO, I would stick with the Nikkor lens for your D70. Not to put down any other manufactures, I just think that sticking with Nikon lens on the Nikon camera is the best bet.

Go ahead and get the D70 Outfit and you will have the 18-70 lens. Then get the 70-300 when you can. Virtually all Nikon lens will work on the D70. Some will not have full functionality, but they all will work.
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Well I might have done something a little extraordinary. I bought the D70 without the kit lens. I preferred a faster 2.8 across the board. Before hand I did some research with the affordable Tamaron 28-75 2.8. And that was my substitute for the kit lens. I wouldnt straight up advice that, but the lens is beautiful. To me, much more versatile to what I do then the kit lens.
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