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I have been looking to get a Digital Camera for sometime now. I have been checking out a lot of the 8800 reviews at the moment, and it seems that its a pretty reasonable camera. Its a little expensive but it should be good for a little while.

What are some thoughts on this as a first digital camera?

The reason that I have been looking at it is mostly because of its Zoom and MP.

Most other cameras seem to only have 3-4x Zoom, to me it does not seem like a lot. This is why the 8800 has interested me.

At this stage the only thing that might be nice that it does not have is unlimited video recording, which I think some of the Canons have.

The other cameras I have been looking at the Canon Powershot G6 and today I noticed that Panasonic have a 12x Zoom with image stabilization? So I am going to do some research on it as well.

Thanks, and your suggestions/comments are welcome.

I guess what I dont want is to buy a Camera then in 3-4 weeks time find that I need to buy another one because I dont have enough zoom, or cant take night shots etc etc.

Thanks Again.

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The cp 8800 is a very nice camera - i had the 8700 and it was fun. Having said that you need to look at some aspects of these units closely before you buy. THey have a very slow - off to on / ready time. Next is the slow shutter release time, slow auto-focus time and slow return to ready to time (so you can take the next picture). The last major complaint noted in testing is the bounce in the zoom - it does not just stop - rather it bounces back and forth then settles. Various test sites will confirm the above as well as give actual times that when compared to other models will - well i believe make you think about what you goals and wants are.

Good Luck
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Well, you are basically going with a high-end prosumer, which is like the highest class of digital cameras (not counting DSLRs). So you are basically going for the top of the top. If these don't satisfy you, the lower class cameras likely won't either (although the lower end ones may have less noise and faster response in some cases).

If you can afford to buy it then I guess it's worth getting one. Make sure that you check out the other high end prosumers like Konica Minolta A200, Sony F828, and perhaps the best one, Olympus 8080 (although its zoom is low). All of the high-end prosumers have several key shortcomings (matters at this price range) so compare them and figure out which flaws you can live with.

You can also try waiting to see how the 2005 high-end prosumers will be. Hopefully Canon and Sony will release new models that will improve on their shortcomings (Sony's F828 was released in Aug 2003 so maybe they will release another one?? don't know)...

If you want to go down a few notches, you should look at the mid-end prosumers like the Canon G6 and Sony V3 or the ultra-zooms like Panasonic FZ20 (or the newly announced Sony H1 or Konica Minolta Z5 or whatever)...

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