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Which camera is better? The Canon A95 or S60? I don't want the really 'basic' cameras which have little or no manual settings. Both these cameras have almost the same functions/specs, except for the difference in batteries. Apart from that, I am having trouble deciding. Please help.
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Here is a side by side comparison...

First of all, the S60 costs way more (around 40% more). So the S60 would be "better" if you just look at price.

Both have similar specs so you can't go wrong with either... the differences seem to be:

* A95 has flip-out LCD (which is helpful)
* S60 has higher zoom (3.6x vs 3x)
* S60 has slightly better video mode (very limited though)
* A95 has lens thread for add-on lenses (not important if you don't plan to buy add-ons)
* S60 has much wider wide-angle at 28mm!!! This is a big feature depending on the types of pics you take. Having such a big wide-angle will let you take pics in narrow confined areas like indoor portraits, and other stuff like landscapes.

If price was not an issue, I would go with the S60 out of these two... if price was an issue, I would go with the A95 (I wouldn't pay 40% more for those features which are mostly minor, although the wide-angle will be nice)...

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If it was me the A95 would be my choice, after having had a G3 with the flip out LCD I can recommend this, you get some great shots like being able to hold the camera above a crowd with the LCD facing downward and you can still see what you are photographing. My parents have the A85 and it produces lovely photos so I'd imagine this one would be the same.
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