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Hi all,

I can`t make up my mind which one to buy.

The Olympus is older but I saw some great photos which were taken using it, it`s cheaper (100$ lessin my country)and I read great reviews - but it`s discountinued.

what do you think about the G6? Its newer and has7MP sensor, but it doesnt have wide angle andI know nothing on its focusing systemand its abilities... does it have same manual controls as the Olympus?

I would appriciate any help:roll:

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Both of them are similar. The Canon G6 has all the manual controls found on the Olympus (eg. aperature/shutter priority, manual focusing, etc).

Canon has more megapixels on the same size sensor as the Olympus so it may have more noise. However, the G6 has good ISO performance and has brighter lens (starts at f2.0 at wide-angle). G6 also has larger LCD (2" vs 1.8"). But the Olympus has big wide-angle...

Overall I would probably go with the G6 over the Olympus... but you can't go wrong with either IMO...they are very similar... you should also consider the G6 competitor, Sony V3 (I like G6 more than V3 though)...
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As much as I am an Olympus fan in general I am leaning towards the G6 for a few reasons. The first is the much faster lens compared to the Oly which will help alot if you plan on using the camera in low light/indoor picture situations. Also from what I have seen the 7mp 1/1.8 sensor being used in these 7mp camera models seems to produce less noise than the previous 5mp 1/1.8 sensor general and even the 8mp 2/3 sensor in the top model pro-sumers for the most part.

The Oly is still a great camera.... I just wish they would/could have kept the F1.8 lens speed from the C-5050.:sad:
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I own a C-5060, and I like it a lot. That said, unless you will use the wide angle, get the G6. It's a better camera overall - the pics are nice and sharp, with better resolution and good color; and the7.1 Mpixel 1/1.8" sensor in theG6is lower in noise than the older 5.2Mpixel in the C-5060. Don't underestimate the importance of a bright lens - the G6 will give you twice the light on the sensor at full wide (F/2.0 vs. F/2.8 ) and about 4 times more atfull tele (F/3.0 vs.F/4.8 ).That said, an external flash makes an enormous difference on any camera; I got one for my C-5060 and my satisfaction with it increased dramatically.

The one thing that the C-5060 clearlydoes better is the wide angle - it's very useful for indoor shots,eg. for things like taking quick snapshots of the kids. It's also nice to have for landscapes. It allows you to get everything into the picture without backing up - useful when there's a wall (or a cliff....)in the way. Probably 1/3 of the pics I take are at full wide.

The absolute number of pixels isn't as important here, although the G6 will give you a bit more cropping room. Both cameras take excellent pictures - check out the side-by side images at http://www.imaging-resource.com.

Frankly, the biggest argument against the C-5060 I can make is the "Mode Dial Issue"; a hardware problem that should've triggereda recall of all of the C-5060s. It's serious, common, and it's still cropping up in even the last batch of C-5060's manufactured by Olympus. Hopefully the C-7070 will fix the issue, but I would wait for a while before buying one, to make sure..... I've heard of no such issues with the G6. Olympus is repairing the cameras affected under warranty; I bought an Oly extended warranty, too. FWIW, I haven't had any trouble at all myself, but apparently it can strike at any time, even after a couple of years of use.

If you don't mind the size, I'd also recommend you take a closer look at the C-8080; image quality is frankly the best in the prosumerclass, and it has a fairly bright, wide anglelens. It's also available at deep discounts these days, at least here in the U.S.; it's available for as little as$610 at a reputable on-line dealer.

Good Luck, whatever you choose! ECM

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thanks for your fast responses!

I think i`ll indeed gowiththe G6!

I saw that there`s an Olympus C7070 new D camera. I would have gone with that one (I guess I have a slight itch for Olympus...) but its considerably more expensive than both of them... (and its not even at my local store yet) too bad...:?

Thanks again!!!


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