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I would like a new digital camera, preferably a superzoom with image stabilization. I mostly shoot pictures of nature andoutdoor scenes. The S1 seems very promising, except that it lacks an autofocus assist lamp and I've read that it can be slow to focus and takepictures at times. The Lumix DMC-FZ3 on the other hand is faster, has an af assist lamp, and seemingly takes better pictures.S1's screen can tilt, Lumix's can't. THe S1 takes AA batteries, a big plus for someone who travels a lot like me.Lumix'sbatts are proprietary and expensive. The biggest pictures that I would print are 8x10's, and I've heard also that the S1may not be able to print a photo quality 8x10. I only print these rarely though.

I've been researchingcameras for about 6 months now, and everytime I think I come to a conclusion, I find a fault or something with my choice. Could anyone give mesome insight into which camera really is the better buy for an avid amatuer, mostly outdoor photographer? Since the prices are about the same, I am not concerned with them, although because I am a student, I would like to get the most features and pic qualityfor my money. Thankyou.
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I bought the S1 IS over the FZ3 for one main reason: movie. If you care about movie, the S1 IS is better than FZ3....

However, if you, like most people, could care less about movies then the FZ3 is much better. FZ3 has faster lens, 12x zoom (vs 10x), etc.

Megapixels is what determines print size and you can supposedly print average 8"x10" prints with 3 megapixels (without cropping). S1 IS tends to produce soft pics but some claim this is better since it leaves it up to the user to post process using some image editor.

I would wait and see how the 2005 models fare. In particular, Sony announced their ultra-zoom: Sony H1, and I wonder if Canon will update their S1 IS this year. I still think the Panasonic FZ3 is the best of the bunch but I would wait a few months to make sure.
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