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I cant believe this. I've spent more time reading reviews and posts on cameras than I ever spent naming my three children! lol

Well, I thought I had decided on the Pana FZ20-and then the new FZ5 came out. I liked the smaller size for trips and such. No manual focus or hot shoe though. Seems like it has everything else that theFZ20 has.

My new dilemma is the new Canon 350 (rebel XT) With three kids, ages 9,7 and 4 they are getting into sports and school performances etc. As for low light and higher ISO would I be disappointed with the Pana?

My 40th Birthday is mid April. My husband said I should get the one I want and not worry about the $$$.

Maybe I should go for the Canon in April and the FZ5 for Christmas-Ha (actually I think I would still want a smaller point and shoot for when I don't want to carry the SLR)

My other question, if I go with the canon what lens ? My film rebel came with a 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6. Would this be the same as the kit lens the 350 comes with? Can you suggest a good all around lens? What would be comparable to a 5opt zoom? I don't see me caring around and changing lenses much. I just want a great all around camera that can be used for indoor, outdoor, low light and sports. Am I asking for too much?
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I have FZ-10 (predecessor of FZ-20) and quite happy with this camera. Everything promising that FZ-5 would be even better. But they are under no means "poketable" cameras - rather they looks and feels as small DSLR (however they are not). Panasonic FZ series quite on its own - nothing like that around with such an awesome lens and IS. But *ANY* DSLR definitely will give you better quality pix (particularly in low light situations) - no doubt about that. So you have to make your mind first. If you happy with *ONE* all-arounder - go for Panasonic. If you feel that you eventually finish with having another poketable camera - go for Rebel. And do not be scared about lens changing, 18-55 is good for about anything and you can buy longer one late if you need it.

If I would you and money (at certain extend :-) ) is not an issue, I would go for Rebel and with 18-55 lens and get poketable camera latter. Main reason is Panasonic not really shines in low-light and fast action (I mean your kids), but rather wildlife-watcher camera.

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The FZ5 is "inferior" to the FZ20; FZ5 is more of an upgrade of the FZ3 than the FZ20. You might have to wait until the end of this year for the new version of FZ20 (if there is going to be one).

You should also keep in mind that the FZ20 is not small by any means. The FZ3 is small but not the FZ20. I would say the FZ20 is almost approaching the size of the small DSLRs.

As far as a DSLR like Canon 350D vs Panasonic FZ20, it isn't a contest at all. So if you can afford the DSLR (cost will be high if you try to replicate the image stabilized 12x zoom), and if the size is ok with you, then the DSLR is the way to go.
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Very different cameras. I am on my second Pana and I really like them. Specially the 2nd generation Venus engine is much faster than my old FZ1. I also like the build quality.

If money is not an issue go with the Rebel. You will have to spendbig $$$ to get a 420mm f2.8 IS lens for the Rebel. I take a lot of action shots (soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey) and I am very happy with the results. Ice hockey gives me the most challenge because of the fast action and poorlighting conditions. Theaperture priority, shutter priority and full manual giveyou room the compose good pics in challenging situations.

Good luck.

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