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Canon dSLR: Xt vs 300D?

I am an amateur but would like to move into the dSLR realm (previously very pleased with Rebel 2000 film). I am unsure about getting the XT or the 300D. Undoubtedly the XT reads to be the better camera. On a limited budget would it be wiser to purchase the 28-135mm IS lens with the 300D body, or just go with the Rebel XT and the 18-55mm kit? For me, the two options work out to be the same cost, I just need a good opinion from someone that is not trying to sell the cameras.

I like the image stabilization of the 300D and better lens,; however the XT reviews have me second guessing. As i noted the dSLRs are new for me, I considered the Nikon coolpix 8800 but after dozens of comparisons and info I've decided to go woth the dSLR. I do want to make a purchase that won't require me going back to the local dealer in a year or two for more accessories (and I would like to keep my wife happy by not making a big ticket purchase for a few years).

Thank you in advance for you opinions.
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300D has image stabilization?
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Sivaram Velauthapillai wrote:
300D has image stabilization?

I think the question is one of spending a limited amount of money and either getting the cheaper body and buying the more expensive 28-135mm IS lens, or buying the more expensive body w/cheap kit lens. If you still have the lens(es) you used with your Rebel 2000, you could buy the 350d body only, and use your old lenses with it. Then, of course, buy better lenses when you can afford them.
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IMHO body is nothing (differences are negligible), but lens(es) is everything. My advise is to buy the best lens you can afford.
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If you buy the 300d now you will probably pay too much since prices will most likely plumet as soon as the 350 hits the shelves, I wouldn't be suprised if we see them selling <500 by mid summer.
If you can wait you will probably be able to afford the body and a couple lenses. If you buy the 350d when available then there is little doubt you will have to pay close to list price, cutting your budget on glass.
Unless you need the extra features of the 350d or are concerned about resale in the near future then, IMO the best bang for the buck will be the 300d.

The 28-135 IS is a great lens for the money however I find that I wish I had both shorter and longer focal lengths than 28 and 135. There are a couple very popular Sigma lenses available (i.e. 18-125) for less than the canon which may help on a budget.
I am considering selling my 28-135 and picking up one or two lenses that cover 18-200.
With the crop factor that works out to 28-320 as opposed to the 45-216 that the 28-135 offers.

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