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Aloha from sunny Hawaii,

I am looking for some advice on picking between these three cameras:

Nikon 8700, 8800, orthe Konika Minolta A200. I am looking for a camera that I can really grow into. I plan on using this camera for family photos, scenic (from hiking), actions (kids playing athletics and surfing), and I possibly some little movies (of my children). I guess I am leaning towards the Nikon 8800 or the Minolta A200 because of its anti-shake technolgy. The Nikon 8700 is a little cheaper though. How do these cameras rate for these action shots of my children when they play sports?

Is the A200's or 8800'santi-shake technology really that good? I do not think that Ihavethemoststeady of hands. Any advice, tips, or first hand information on how the three cameras operate...I am all ears.

Sorry to ask so many questions...I just like to do more research when I spend this much money on a camera.

Thank you in advance for any help you might provide.

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I can only tell you to look closely at the actual times these cameras take to physically shoot the picture. Include the time to focus with the shutter release delay. In the case of the nikons, you are looking at times in the 4 + second range. If you want a follow-up shot then recovery time is important and that too is very slow in the nikons even with theirdecent cache size. Then there is thestrange zoom actionin the 8800 where it tends to fluctuate as it comes to a stop - more time wasted. Nikon's wonderful answer to these concerns is to

1) shoot at lower megapixel ranges

2) manuallyreset the isohigher

One would wonder what thepurpose of buyinga premium 8mp camera is if you need to use their lesser capabilities. Seems strange to me.
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