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Olympus C-7xx series (C-750, C-765, C-775, etc.).
All are great for your purpose.

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The best ultra-zoom IMO is the Panasonic Lumix line (eg. Pansaonic FZ3, FZ20, or the newly announced FZ4, FZ5, etc). If you don't care about the movie mode, these cameras can't be beat. Out of all these, I would go for the lowest end one, which is the FZ3 (3 megapixels). If you want a bit more megapixels, maybe the newly announced FZ4 may be a better choice.

If you care about movie mode, then something like Canon S1 IS, newly announced Konica Minolta Z5, or newly announced Sony H1 may be better.

If you don't care about image stabilization (I care about IS), then one of the Fuji or Olympus is best. These have their own unique advantages (eg. Olympus is smaller than the rest so it's easier to carry) but I don't like thtem because they don't have image stabilization (IS).
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Thank u everybody for ur valuable suggestions. Now...i narrowed down my

search to two cams whichare Panasonic Fz20 or olympus uz 765/ 770

I enquired about the panasonic f z20....gosh its expensive...around 900 US dollars (in


and olympus 770 is 470 US dollars. Is there any way to purchase them for the prices

given in steves website in Sweden ?
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Old Mar 6, 2005, 1:33 AM   #14
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www.bhphotovideo.comis a decent vendor and will ship an FZ-15 to Sweden by US global express mail for about 53 dollars. Overall cost - under $470. However, you may have to deal with import duties and taxes when it gets to Sweden.

The FZ-20 is out of stock now, but imagine that the shipping would be the same for it.

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Olympus is selling refurbished C-755, 765 and 770 on ebay with a 90 day warranty. Great deals. I have the 755 and the photo quality is marvelous.
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I was also going to get the C770. Luckily, I followed the sound advice of most of the professionals in this forum and tried it out myself. When I tried to get a shot at maximum zoom, I could not get a clear focus. The lack of IS really matters it seems. Also, even for a Filipino, I found it very hard to hold the camera firmly in my hands because of the size, shape and button locations. (note that a lot of models follow the same form factor).

Luckily, the supplier offered an alternative which was the Konika Minolta Z3. For roughly $80 cheaper, I was getting almost the same features as the C-770 and it had anti-shake (I was able to get a clear focus at maximum zoom even without a tripod)! I also found the form perfect for my hands. With its shape and rubber grips, I could firmly grasp the camera with my right hand with no danger of slipping.

So if haven't decided yet, you can try out the Z3 and see for your self. I also liked the Panasonic FZ10 but at $700, it was way out of my budget.

I shot this within minutes of getting home and opening the box.
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