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I am in the market for a digital camera and have searched the web until I am dizzy with information overload!!!! I have been using a Sony CD-400 but find there are several areas that I would like to see improved.

First would be the zoom. I would like more than a 2-4x zoom. I take a LOT of action shots of my children = sports.

I also like the tracking feature of the A2 (I think this has it) so I won't miss those action shots. I find now I am missing that first basket or my 5yr olds very firstgoal i soccer.

Another thing would be shutter lag, since I am doing action shots.

I don't usually make prints much bigger than 8X10 but I don't mind having more mega pixels either.

I like the movie mode. I do a few little clips of the boys but don't expect DVD quality from the camera. I realize it is not a camcorder, nor do I expect it to be.

I have looked at theKM A-2, the Nikon 8800, Sony F828 and numerous others.After a while it gets mind numbing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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Hmmmm.....(good opener for this topic) Sony is a fast performer. 8 MP too. But...take a peek thru the panasonic forum here at Steve's, and see if you are impressed with the Panasonic fz20. Look at the shots they've posted. That zoom lense is a much coveted bit of work 12X zoom, and fast...2.8 thru the whole zoom. This might do the trick for you, at a nice cost. Doesn't have some smoothies that others have, fold out lcd, etc. But if you want some shots to be proud of, judging from whatI've seen posted there, this could be a contender for your bucks! Best regards,

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I would also say to look at the Panny FZ20. If that one doesn't do it for you, then the only thing left would be a dslr, which would of course be your best option to begin with....

You should look at the lag times listed in the reviews. Since this is a concern of yours, it would be a simple operation to compile the times of the zoom cameras, and then pick the one with the shortest time...

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