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I had a Kodak DX7440, which I was pleased with, until a couple little things broke on it after just a couple months of use. I took it back and got an Olympus C770 after reading all the rave reviews on Cnet.com. The Kodak was leaps and bounds faster than the Olympus, but the image quality was really lacking in comparison. The Olympus took WAY better pictures. So now I'm torn....I want something fast AND takes excellent pictures. I have an active 12 month old and I take a lot of action shots indoors. The Kodak got the shot almost everytime, and if I had never seen the image quality of the Olympus then I would just get another Kodak. But now that I know how much better my pictures could be, I just can't bring myself to settle. On the otherhand I don't want to sacrifice precious moments that the Olympus misses because it's slow.

Agghh! I don't really want an SLR. It's too complicated for me, too big and out of my $400 price range. I know that for my price range I should be able to get something nice. I am praying to the camera gurus that you are to please help!
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Check out the Fugi S5100, it's a fast agile little camera, that takes great shots, & video, especially in low light!
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The Kodak was a 4X zoom camera. The Olympus is a 10X. We're talking apples and oranges here. High zoom cameras with electronic viewfinders are going to be slower in general, and Olympus high zooms were never known for high speed. What the people were raving about was the picture quality (as you've discovered) and the 10X zoom. I've never seen a 770 review praising the speed.

Steve has reviewed virtually every digital camera to come along. Why not check his reviews and see how he rates the speed. The Fuji S5100is most likelyfaster than the Olympus, but if speed is really important, then consider a low zoom camera again. Also, for every camera he reviews he posts sample pictures. Check the Fuji vs the Olympus. IMO along the same price/features lines, Olympus has the best picture quality, but Fuji certainly isn't bad. Also, Olympus makes low zoom cameras that are faster than the C-770. Why not check the reviews on those, too. Here's the link to all of Steve's pages:


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