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I've nerrowed my decision to these 2 cameras. The Nikon is 3.2mp and $30 cheaper which I can put towards memory but the Canon has 4X optical.Are there any other glaring differencesbetween these 2 cameras? Thanks,

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All of the differences, including the glaring ones, can be found in the reviews on this site.

I think all you need to do (besides read the reviews) is decide whether or not you need manual exposure controls...

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The Nikon 3700 has a $100 rebate going until the end of the month. You can get it for $130 delivered after the rebate. I got one for my daughter and it seems to be a nice camera. http://www.digitalfotoclub.com/sc/fr...9916&rf=dt

Unless you already have them, you have to add the price of NiMH batteries and a charger to the A510 and 3200 where the 3700 comes with a lithium battery and charger. The 3700 is also smaller and lighter. The A510 and 3700 also have 640 X 480 movies at 30fps where the 3200 has a lower quality movie mode.

My personal preference would be the A510 because I prefer to have a manual exposure mode. I'm not a big fan of AA batteries in small cameras but batteries and charger are reasonably inexpensive if the extra size and weight are OK for you.

My daughter found a 256Mb SD card a couple of weeks ago at Office Depot for $20 after rebate and her 3700 seems to be working up to specs with it. So for a total delivered price of $150 after rebates she has a very nice little camera with everything she needs.

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