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Don't get me wrong. There's business of topday around that and you just think of it that way.
Today, you have old fashioned film lovers, digital high tech lovers, people willing to take pictures on gigital just like they do with film, people that understand they can use digital differently, including movies...

If this is to learn I suggest you buy two eos cameras.
One film, one digital and I suggest the new 350D or 20D. then get a real zoom of say 20-35 (normal for digital and wide for film) and one of 28-105 and start shooting and testing. Get a 50 mm and a 28 mm lenses with these and if needed the 17-85 EF-S stabilised for low end digital only zoom. Exposure and autofocus are full of features on these cameras. Then use everything you can with your computer including film scans just to see how it works. Then try printing on different printers (even good cheapo ones are okay). You must learn everything about scale and definition because this is most important. Don't spend more than $5000 on these or see next.

You've got plenty of money to waste ($15000 or more) : just get Canon eos 1Ds mark II (the 16.7 Mpix one) and and eos 1v film camera.
You will also need the very cool 24-70 L zoom, and depending on needs the 50 mm L lenses, the 24 mm L lenses, the 28-300 L IS stabilized. Both cameras will use same zoom the same way and that's cool !

You don't want to waste more than $1000, get an Olympus 8080 with big enough CF cards. It is good enough for everything you need for today needs. It is on par with any middle range digital EOS with good enough zoom.

You want something good in your pocket : get the Sony P200 7Mpix camera. Seems to be the best for the price. You can use it as near digital camera quality for movies too. I suppose next move will be those tiny digicams replacing the DV camcorders with even better, HDTV quality video.
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Sorru to bug you again but what was the site where you could compare cameras side by side?
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Ohh yeah and one last request.... could you all list some other helpfull or informational photography sites,maybe soem tutorials,maybe just some articles or anythig related to photography,the more links the merrier .Thanks again guy`s.

Best regards

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Is a nice basic site...explains a lot and give you the side by side comparison.

Good luck.

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