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I was thinking about to by the Pana FZ20, but have now turned a little towards the Coolpix mainly because of more megapixels and more options to use (better night photography etc).

Have you any experience about these two cameras, is it a better idea to buy the Coolpix despite of the bigger price (828 euros in Pixmania, i know the camera is cheaper in the USA, but i would have to pay for customs here in EU)?

How good is the Coolpix as a shoot and point camera? Most of my photography is shoot and point, but i want my camera to have all possible manual controls. An SLR is not anoption for me, because i want a camera that does good enough both macro and zoom and don't want to pay for the lenses (and carry them). I have now a film SLR with just the default lense and can use it, if i need more speed etc.

- Ville -

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I have the FZ20 and think it's a fine camera.. Before you lay down the extra cash for the megapixels and Nikon name, consider this..


Good luck,
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Look at the times for shutter release and auto-focusing as well asreturn to ready. The 8800 is slow in all these categories and also has a noticeable concern with the zoom itself. It's a nice camera as long as you have the time (and patience) for each shot.
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If I had any better advice to give you, I would. What's been said in these two posts sums it up nicely, IMHO. You'll notice the author of the reference has the foresight to include his credentials, as well as his opinion. My sympathy if you still can't make up your mind. I have been chasing the answer to this same question myself. I shoot such a variety that I'm (almost) convinced a prosumer is what I'm looking for. I don't relish the thoughts of carting a lot of lenses. (or paying for them) The mega pixel chase, well, ya...I do crop a lot of my wildlife shots, but I could also theoretically reduce that need by having a more powerful optical zoom. I am a whisker away from choosing the Panasonic FZ20 for now, and maybe a Dslr later when they get closer to what I'd like in a Dslr. Good luck, best regards, (would you tell us what you choose?)

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If i were you, my chocie would be probably the cp8800. I think the significant difference between the sensors is an important issue.
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