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I've been hunting like a madman for a long time.. :sad:
:?: Just cant find one with these specs:

a) high quality pics- at least abt 4.0 resolution
b) ultracompact
c) very short processing delay. something where i can turn on, click and turn off really fast
d) something that can avoid image blurriness at best, though the image stabilization feature is not necessary.

Any suggestions will be very highly appreciated. :|
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There's many cameras that would suit you just fine. I can personally vouch for the Sony P200. It has great resolution and many nice features. Plus it gives quite a few manual controls for camera of its size.

I was looking for a small, easy to carry camera to use when I didn't want to carry our Digital Rebel. The P200 has filled this slot quite well. I also find that we use the movie mode much more than I figured we would. Considering it can be bought for less than $350 makes it one heck of a bargain, IMO. It looks like the Canon SD500 is its closest competitor and it is about $100 more and lacks many of the nice features and manual controls of the P200.

There are many other cameras to consider too. I suggest going to Best Buy, Circuit City or a store that carries a large selection and get some hands-on experience with them. Once you choose one then shop the web for the best price.
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I second PicGuy's P200 recommendation. The 7Mp sensor is a particularly good one and the manual exposure modes and even some preset manual focus distances gives more versatility than most little cameras.

Dave at Imaging Resource thought the noise reduction was a little too strong compared to the P150. You might want to look at that also if you want something cheaper. Even with the noise reduction Dave didn't have any problems making the P200 a "Dave's Pick". http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/P200/P200A.HTM

There are cheaper cameras if you really want point and shoot only. As long as it has a focus assist light and focuses well in low light, one is about like another for blur. Try to handhold without flash or enough light and they will all start blurring at about the same time. The Canon SD series has a slight glitch in that there is no action mode to maximize your shutter speed for sports etc. That is only a factor in bright light though as it will open the lens all the way in limited light just like all the others.

The Panasonic FX7 has stabilization in a small camera, but I'm not a big fan of cameras without an eyelevel viewfinder. Especially with cameras like the FX7 that doesn't gain up the LCD in low light so you can frame with it.

If you are willing to compromise on the MP, Nikon has a $100 rebate going on the 3700 for a few more days. I got one for my daughter for $130 delivered after the rebate and she found a 256Mb SD card for $20 after rebate. It seems to do everything well. It has a focus assist light and the LCD gains up nicely. I particularly like the control setup. 3Mp works well for prints up to 8 X 10, but larger than that and you really need more pixels.

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Old Mar 31, 2005, 6:06 PM   #4
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Try the new Nikon Coolpix 7900. It doesn't have image stabilization but it has an "anti Blur" feature which checks each captured image to check for the presence of blurred image and notifies the owner to re-shoot the shot. That's pretty neat and could save a lot of wasted opportunities (or once in a lifetime ones too).

It's compact as the Sony W1-W7 (slightly more so and more easy to grip).

Trouble is I hear the sample pics posted on www.dcresource.com are fuzzy and poor colors, etc. So not sure what will happen in full review in a few weeks by the same web site.

It's also 7 megapixel, etc with numerous features including Nikon's "D-lighting" system.

Worth a look see

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canon sd 300/400. I have one it is ultra compact. WIth the exteme 3 sd card it takes photos in burst for sporting photos well. It goes from off to picture taken in moments. the only beef is it will not zoom once movies are filming.
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Nikon 5200, I had this cam for a brief while and its nice and compact with 3x optical zoom.

I wanted more zoom since my 35mm point and shoot has 3x zoom.
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