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I'm a bit torn here. I've been reading some reviews already posted on epinion, dc resource and amazon, and all reviews of the canon sd500 have been very positive. But I'm not sure if I want to spend over $500 (includeds tax) for a small camera when it probably will be reduced in the next few months. That said, the sd400 seem like a great buy, considering it's only $399. Then again, the 7.1 megapixel is very tempting. When viewing on your computer screen at full zoom, will you notice a huge difference between a 5 mp and a 7.1 mp camera?
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Buy the Canon SD500 instead. It has a shot to shot speed of 2 frames per second unlimited. And the picture quality beats heck out of Sony and Canon's other 5 megapixel cameras. For a new review see this link:


The samples for the Canon SD500 are much sharper with more details and great color compared to the Sony W1, the Olympus 5500 Sports, or the new Nikon 7900 (which stinks in my opinion). When samples are printed out on Canon's CP-220 they are incredibly brite and sharp. Colors are as near to perfection as one could ask.

It's also very compact and .4" slimmer than Sony's W series with more scenes and manual control, etc. The digital zoom works great and the 60 frames per second is fantastic movie mode as well as the 30 frames per second VGA mode. Also the flash works up to 15 feet and the camear works very well in low light (per the review, not tested myself but will soon!)

For movie mode examples visit this link:


Notice the digital zoom works and the colors and sharpness are great. Note too the 60 frame per second smoothness.

I just ordered one myself!!
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The Sony W1 at half the price does as good a job as the outrageously priced SD500
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You won't notice any difference on screen or printing 11 X 14 or smaller between 5 and 7Mp. The SD500 has a lot of features I like compared to the 400 but it is pricey. That 7Mp sensor is especially good. With the features and 7Mp it will likely last you longer before you decide it needs replacing. But you are right that the price will likely come down out of the stratosphere in a while. I wouldn't personally buy it for that price.
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I like the reviews on the SD500 also. What about compared to the new Casio EXSLIM Z750? I am having a difficult time deciding. Price on both is very close. I haven't found any unbiased reviews yet. Any comments are sure apreciated.
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