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When I save the jpeg photos from my sony dsc w1 to a cd, they are recognized by my dvd player. When i save the mpeg movies tothe samecd, they seem to be on the cd but will not play on the dvd player. Does anyone know if there are dvd players that will play mpegs from a cd. Or do i need to do something at the computer differently, such as save to a dvd, (don't currently have one), or is there a way to create a different type of file that will save to a cd and then play on my dvd. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Yes, there are DVD players that will show your movies, just as there are DVD players that will not. Your DVD player manual should tell you if it can do this.

But to do this anyway you need toburn your movies as a Video CD (VCD) or SuperVideo CD (SVCD). You can also do this with DVD's.

This will enable you to show them via your stand alone DVD player.

I would recommend Nero Burning Rom. You can download a fully functioning trial here, to see if you like it. http://www.nero.com/en/nero-prog.html

But there are many applications that will enable you to do what you want, so try some before you buy. Sorry I don't know of any free applications, (I'm sure there are some out there), you can search for them. Just Google 'burning video cd'.

If you already have the software to do this, your DVD player may not be compatible.


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There are DVD players with Divx features out there.
Take one with the MTK1389 chipset. I recommend pioneer 470 or 575. they can read nearly any kind of today divx 3, 4, 5, 6, xvid, mpeg4. Some read ogg, ogm, bivx (2 or more audio) divx, ac3 (included in Divx or some time even .ac3 files alone), wma (microsoft audio), mp3 (all of them), mpeg files (.mpg of mpeg1 or mpeg2 of any kind).
Those are cheapo DVD players and most featured. Weird isn't it ?
So you just need to burn those mpeg (Sony) files, like data files on a CD-R/RW or DVD+-R/RW and watch.
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Also, be aware that even SVCD will not show off your pictures nearly as well as a DVD format. Comuter viewing is NOT the same as TV viewing. While CDs can play on some DVD players, I don't think you can put mpegs onto CDs for PLAYING on a DVD player. MPEG is for DVD format and you must be burned onto a DVD to use (but I believe you CAN store the information onto a CD). Problem is, you will need authoring software (I also like Nero), a DVD burner and a 'strong' computer with lots of disk space and time! to do this. Also be aware some DVD players will play -R DVDs, some will play +R DVDs, some will play both, and some won't play any home-burned DVDs. The good news is you can buy a DVD burner for your computer for under $50. I suggest getting one that will burn to both -R and +R so you are flexible as far as matching whatever DVD player format works. I use a 'cheapo' burner. Also beware that some DVD players have trouble reading certain brands of DVDs. I keep a couple varieties. It's all kind of crazy really, as price doesn't seem to affect playability. IE, I bought some high quality DVDs that wouldn't play on my cheapo DVD player but ended up using a cheapo DVD that WOULD play !
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