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I've been researching and I still am not certain what digicam will be best for my needs. Most of my usage is shots of the family, specifically small and very fast kids. I have an old Canon that is just too slow and I miss pix all the time. I also am an avid scrapbooker, so image quality is of paramount importance to me, plus I do like to print 5x7's and sometimes 8x10's for framing. I also would like a great zoom, but I'm still not certain if I need a 10 or 12x zoom, since I'm rarely very far away from the kids - the biggest exception will be on our Disney vacation when the kids and dad might off on a ride while mom takes snapshots. :-)

My order of preference for the camera's features would be speed first, image quality second, zoom 3rd.

What are your thoughts? I've been reading a lot about the Sony P200 and also the Kodak DX7590.
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Mostly, the answers you get for this type of question is essentially "Buy what I bought!" without much regard for your personal requirements. I have the Sony V3 which I got for my purposes and which might not be suitable for you.

What most people complain about (in general for ALL digital camera makes) is that the camera doesn't respond quickly enough (power on time, shutter lag, slow focus lock) to capture active children. So that when the parent sees something in process, the moment has usually passed by the time the camera is ready to shoot.

Another common complaint is that, in ordinary household lighting, the camera produces blurry pictures. This is either a result of camera shake OR fast moving children...but both are a direct consequence of slow shutter speeds which are a direct result of the camera having to leave the shutter open longer to let in more light. The answer is to use more light and the usual solution is to use the flash BUT almost all of the current point and shoot camera (regardless of the manufacturer) have built-in flashes that are under powered. This is to save battery power of course so, the only practical solution is to make sure that the camera has the ability to take a more powerful flash. The camera doesn't necessarily need to have a hot-shoe because there are slave flashes that fire when the built-in flash fires but a hot shoe and an external flash is the best solution.

Taking all of thses things into account, you CAN grab some action shots of kids in motion. I caught this with my Sony V3. When I saw that he was getting ready to leap off the top step, I grabbed the V3; brought it to my eye and fired. I misjudged how high he would jump but the flash did a great job of freezing the action in mid jump.

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