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Having searched a lot for cameras that satisfy my specifications / pricing needs, i think these two are the final candidates.

I have made a list of the things that really distinguish both cameras (because most of the features are the same) and they`re as follow :

canon : has image stabilizer. has manual focus

kodak : has 2.2'' LCD (versus 1.5 of the canon). has 5 MP resolution (versus 3.2 of the canon)

the price (aprox) at which i can get these cameras in the country i live is 440 for the canon and 510 for the kodak.

what is your recommendation?. I have investigated of buying one of the panasonic lumix models, but they`re not available here and is way too expensive to import (and not to say that there`s not technical support, so i put it out of the list).

Maybe i have overlooked some other model very similar to these ones and you know it exists... in that case, please tell me (of course, always talking in the same price range... ) so i can further investigate.

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sepharg wrote:
what is your recommendation?.
Determine how many megapixels you need, and buy the camera that meets but does not go over your needs.

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Old Mar 28, 2005, 6:07 AM   #3
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ok but both cameras have almost the same features i like, except the ones listed in the post.
obviously i would like a combination of the best of both (ie : IS, 5MP, manual focus and 2.2' LCD) but as that`s not possible i`m asking advice on which features should be considered more important in general terms. I am not a pro, i`m just starting and want to introduce myself to the snapshot taking hobbie (or call it whatever you like) and that`s why i want to get the best camera i can for starters.
i forgot to mention that the canon has a drawback of using 4 AA batteries, while the canon has it`s internal lithium rechargable battery.

and as i said before, if you know of another model of similar characteristics please comment. thanks
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If you are not goig to be printing anything larger than an 8.5X11, the three megapixel will be adequate. Image stabilization is a very nice feature to have with a long telephoto in order to get sharp shots. Just some thoughts. I have owned an olympus C2100, which was image stabilized with a 10X zoom, and I currently own both a FZ10 and FZ20 which also both are image stabilized. I have been very happy with all three cameras.
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Old Mar 31, 2005, 6:01 PM   #5
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The Canon 1S is a good camera but it has one serious flaw: The inability to focus in low light situations (like indoors or cloudy days). The focus will hunt and hunt but won't focus period in many situations.

But the 3.2 megapixel image is one of the better ones (good resolution for a 3 megapixel and sharp colors) and will look fine at 8x10 prints. Even at 13" x 19" it still looks pretty good (on the Canon I9900).

But resolution wise it's not even close to the new Nikon 8800 or Minolta A200 which both have image stabilizers but unfortunately limited video.

The perfect camera has still not been made.

Eventually someone will get it right and quit monkeying around and wasting our time and [email protected]#$!#$#$

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Old Mar 31, 2005, 11:51 PM   #6
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I think Nikon 8800 is the one which is most near to the "best" camera that we dream (If we exlucde the DSLR's).

It is the only one having a 2/3'' sensor among the long zoom cameras. And the othres are just of 1/2.5'' not even 1/1.8'' !!!
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Old Apr 1, 2005, 12:07 AM   #7
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The battery thing shouldn't be an issue. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) AA batteries are cheap and rechargeable and you can have plenty of extras around as backups.The rechargers are cheap, too. And if you're stuck somewhere you can find alkaline AA batteries anywhere. The Kodak battery is proprietary (unique) and while you can get extras, they cost a bit more and are not available everywhere.
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I bought the Canon S1IS because of the 10x optical zoom, the image stabilizer and the batteries.

And of course the ease of use.
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I bought the S1 for the capabilities (you can compensate for the low light issues). Also don't discount the LCD on the S1. It is a little small, but that flexibility is a major plus with me. I have gotten shots I wouldn't have of animals and kids because they couldn't see me getting the pic. The zoom takes you right in even on wild animals. They cooperate much better when they can't see you...

And if video is your thing (not mine), I hear the video reviews on the S1 are superb. But it is still pretty expensive these days considering the competition... I don't know why. When you can get a Z-10 at 199 US and have to still pay 300+ for the S1...


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