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I went down to the local camera store (which is about the size of a football stadium) to check out the range of Canon DSLR cameras which they had and left with some new insights into buying a new DSLR. These are a few things I wanted answers to before I went to the store, so I imagine other new buyers could find this stuff helpful. Excuse my English, I'm Australian :-).

A lot of people complain that the 300d and even the new 350d are made out of cheap plastic, but after 30mins of using it I found that they really do feel sturdy, and that the extra weight in other cameras is a bad thing. The 20D was also nice, but for me (personally) it was too heavy to be held for long periods of time.

The focusing and shots (with the standard 18-55 lens) was much quicker and sharper on the 350d, and this was the most noticeable difference between the 300d and 350d. Even the 20d was on par up with the processing speed that the 350d had.

Buy a fast memory card; even though the difference might be 1/2 second, you notice the time between shots and the burst mode. I found the Sandisk Extreme series to be quiet good, compared to others like Lexar ect. I can only imagine how bad no name CF cards would be.

If you're up for a cheap DSLR, ask stores for the 300d, because its the old model there are some great savings to be made in this area.

Sigma lens work well! If you couldn't see the sigma sticker you would easily mistake it for Canon. The USM lens is also a big help, however most amateurs should be able to do without it. The only real difference I found was a very slight amount of speed and lower noise.

The battery grip is not only used to double battery capacity, but it also has all of the functions on it so you can shoot vertically. I never knew this, so i thought i'd share it so others know.

The colour really makes a difference; the black cameras looked really professional, whilst the silver bodies look a lot cheaper. Since most people have these cameras for years, I think it's important to be proud of what you have.

After an hour or so playing with them (and leading the salesperson on) I left the store with the belief that the new 350d is the best camera for the money out there. My personal opinion, but now that i has used the whole Canon series and reading heaps of reviews, it's a well informed opinion. You can save about $500AUD ($400US) if you buy your camera off eBay, so its a good thing to look there before buying.

Hope this helps our brand of newb/amatuers with a few simple questions.
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I liked the performance of the 350D but, i dont know how your hands are but, personaly i dont even have very marge hand but the 350D felt akward to hold saddly....

the 350D ferlt much better....
So now iam looking for the D70 i think it will be the best of both, FAST, and good handling...

i couldnt try the 350D with a grip... it may help for the handling... but without being sure of that i wont order it even with a grip...

so D70 it is... probably... (the 300D is a bit slow and his Burst mode is kind of useless..)
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