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Some Considerations
I have to buy the camera in USA, since it's the cheapest placewhere I can get it,but I have some problems. Somebody has to bring it from there, so it isn't going to be that easy. I cannot bring it by mail because customs here charge you 80% over the product's and s/h's cost, imagine the camera is 800$ including s/h, then I have to pay a total of 1440$.
The "gift" trick doesn't work with customs, tricks just don't work.

Why Digital?

My father lent me his Minolta SRT-303 (1975), a 50mm lens, and then he has two more lenses that he might give me whenever I start lerning more and showing him how "good" I am at this. He lent it to me because he got tired of focusing, getting right light, so he bought a point-and-shoot.
I already own an Olympus D-360L digital camera, whichI love, because I can take as many pics as I want without having to worry about money, but as you might already know, it's an old digital camera right now.
I would like to "replace" that Minolta SRT-303 camera my dad gave me, for a Canon 300D.
I would be free to take as many pics as I want, and from anything I want, without having to think that each time I hear a "click" it means I'm paying more money.

I'll mostly use it for...
I like to take pics of sunrise, sunsets, landscapes, places at night.
I don't like to use the flash in my photographs, I try to avoid it, I want them to look as natural as possible.
I'm not going to use it to take wedding pics, newspaper, it's just going to be for me, but I don't want to be ashamed or waste some moments that will never happen again because of bad quality photos.

Why SLR?
Because I won't be able to upgrade to a new camera for like 4 years, and maybe I can upgrade the lenses to get better pics without having to spend a lot of money on a new camera.

Seems that there are going to be a lot of compatible lenses for it, and this is something that I like about it, because I want to keep this camara for as many years as possible, I would just like to upgrade lenses.
Am I right?

They are a special kind of batteries, and this is something that I don't like because companies do this so you have to buy what they offer and those things are more expensive than what they should cost.
Is there any other good 3rd party battery that I can use with it?

Price Drop
Should I wait for the 350D to get lower prices on the 300D or should I buy it now?

Buying (New)
Many people have recommended me BH, but unfortunately they are more expensive there than in some other online shops.
Is there any other online shop I can trust with lower prices than BH?

Buying (Used)
I would like to know if any of you has one for sale, or if you do know somebody I can trust that sells it used, but in perfect conditions.
Some of you will tell me e-bay, but I don't trust it. :sad:
This would be great since they are a lot cheaper than if I buy it new.

I have already taken a look at all these...

I might be missing something else, there are so many things to have in consideration, so many things to ask, and somany things to learn.
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