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I've been looking for a while for a camera that would do a decent job of night and low light shooting.

Right now, my S3000 has done a very good job with outdoors, and other generally well lit situations. It has been stable, consistent for me, and the image quality is great for what I need.

However, I also run sound every week for different events, and I also help with concerts and such, like setting up and running a PA system and everything for a band to play at the local Starbucks.

In most of those situations, the lighting is pretty lowexcept for on stage. And, since most of these people are performing, they prefer not to have someone's flash going off all the time. Right now, when I use my S3000, short of using a tripod, I get very very blurry images when there is any slight motion on stage. I understand that the shutter has to stay open a little longer because it has to capture more light, but I do this enough I'm wondering if a different camera may be what is needed.

So, has anyone got a recommendation for low lighting cameras and such? Again, preferable something I can use at plays and concerts and not blind the performers.

Any help would be great.
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There is only one point&shoot that might have the ISO needed to take shots at the light levels you encounter. Fuji recently announced a p&s with ISO up to 1600, which is 3 stops better than what you have now. I don't remember the model number, but you can do a search for it.

You could get a camera with a fast lens, such as a Canon G6, which has an f/2.0 lens. However, even this camera has ISO that only goes to 400, and you can only get f/2.0 at the wide end of the lens. For wide shots though, it might work if your performers are somewhat still.

I will also say that most likely even the Fuji and the Canon will be marginal at best. You really need a dslr, which will allow you to combine a fast lens with high ISO. That is most likely the only way you will be able to get shutter speeds high enough to freeze the performers, in the low light levels seen at concerts.

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The Fuji camera that Phil was talking about is the FinePix F10. It's available online for about $350 plus shipping. Go to www.pricegrabbers.com or to Steve's Buyer's Guide on this site for more details - http://www50.shopping.com/xPP-Digita...kin_id-3053120. It looks like a very good camera for the price.
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