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Hi Everyone,
I am looking at both the Sony T7 and the Panasonic Lumix FX7. I understand that the Lumix has an image stabilisation feature. Does the Sony T7 have an equivalent function. Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of picture quality?
Looking forward to you comments.
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I will give you a half answer. I have a Sony T7 and have seen the specs of the Lumix.

Sony Advantages
Very thin - 0.4-0.6" v. 0.95"
Faster startup - a guess by the way the zooms work and Sony really is very fast.
Coolness - this is a very sexy camera

Lumix advantage
Faster lens - Sony 3.5-4.4, Lumix 2.8-4.4. Lumix has a Leica lens so it might be 'better' too.
Image stabilisation. Sony doesnt have it and Lumix image stabilisation has good reviews.

My guess. I reckon you are paying some premium for Sony's cool thin camera (it is also 20% lighter) - a premium I was happy to pay. I suspect that if you dont value that, the Lumix will be better.
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Phil at dpreview said in his review of the FX 7 that he thought the stabilization just about made up for the poor holding stability without an eye level viewfinder. Without stabilization the T7 would give more blurred shots in limited light.

The flash is extremely weak on the T7 where the FX7 is pretty good for a tiny camera. 5 feet on the T7 at wide compared to 13 feet on the FX7.

The T7 has a better movie mode.

The FX7 LCD doesn't gain up well in low light. Since the LCD is the only viewfinder you can have problems framing in low light. They both focus well in low light, it is just hard to frame with the Panasonic.

I don't personally like cameras without an optical viewfinder. Since you are choosing between those two it would appear you prefer to shoot with the LCD. Of the two I would choose the FX7 if movies aren't important to you.

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